Top Ten Brain Teasers and Games for Kids and Adults alike

Over the last Hourglass four years we have post­ed over 100 puz­zles, teasers, rid­dles, illu­sions, and every form of men­tal exer­cise that both chal­lenges and enlight­ens our minds.

Below you have a selec­tion of the ten most pop­u­lar ones among Sharp­Brains read­ers. Enjoy!

Top Ten Brain Teasers and Games for Kids and Adults alike

1. Can you count?: Bas­ket­ball atten­tion exper­i­ment (Inter­ac­tive).

2. Which way is the bus head­ing?.

3. Words in your brain: do you know where words are “stored” in your brain?.

4. Please Spot the Differences.

5. Do you think you know the col­ors?: Quick, try the Stroop Test.

6. Clin­i­cal­ly proven Stress Man­age­ment tip.

7. Rid­dle for the Whole Brain: The Blind Beggar.
Rubik's Cube brain exercise

8. What is going on with these pictures?.

9. Puz­zles Teasers for the Week­end: a few chal­lenges to exer­cise your atten­tion and work­ing memory.

10. Con­sid­er Lin­da’s job prospects: rid­dle, or obvious?.

In case that was­n’t enough…here’s a bonus: please try this Men­tal Rota­tion challenge.

And remem­ber you can find many more brain teasers and brain games in our Teasers section.

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  1. David Brown on November 30, 2010 at 6:51

    That bas­ket­ball atten­tion test is one of my favorites, very good fun to show oth­er people.

  2. drdoorknob on December 2, 2010 at 8:38

    There are 30 dif­fer­ences. 15 dif­fer­ences in the left pic from the right pic, and 15 in the right from the left. lol.

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