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Brain Teasers: Spot the Difference

Dr. Pascale Michelon recently shared with our readers which brain areas and cognitive functions are engaged as we solve the type of brain teaser known as Spot the Difference, where we have to find the differences between two versions of one image:

1) You have to identify the objects that you see: this involves your occipital lobes (in red).brain neocortex

2) You have to analyzed the spatial relationships between the objects that you see: this involves your occipital and parietal lobes (in green).

3) You have to remember what you see in one picture and compare it to what you see in the other picture, that is you have to use your short-term memory: this involves your frontal (in blue) and parietal lobes.

4) You have to mark down the locations where you see a difference: this involves mostly your frontal lobes (for the movement).

Ready! Set! Go!: How many differences can you spot, and which ones?

spot the difference brain teaser

Source of image: Wikipedia

More fun and challenge for your brain:


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83 Responses

  1. Jay says:

    15 differences… what’s the answer?

  2. megan says:

    i found 15 differences oh yeh !!!!! =D

  3. Lee says:

    i have found 25 (thats no a lite, look for smaller things and be patient 🙂

  4. joann says:

    i found 20 differences 🙂

  5. Dzadz says:

    Want to really notice something cool – cross your eyes so the two images merge (they will since they’re close to identical) then scan through it and you will notice where the differences are because wherever there is a change it will seem kind of not natural

  6. monkey n moose says:

    yo we only found 15…CUS THERES ONLY 15 OF EM!!! peace lol

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