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Brain Teasers: Spot the Difference

Dr. Pas­cale Mich­e­lon recent­ly shared with our read­ers which brain areas and cog­ni­tive func­tions are engaged as we solve the type of brain teas­er known as Spot the Dif­fer­ence, where we have to find the dif­fer­ences between two ver­sions of one image:

1) You have to iden­ti­fy the objects that you see: this involves your occip­i­tal lobes (in red).brain neocortex

2) You have to ana­lyzed the spa­tial rela­tion­ships between the objects that you see: this involves your occip­i­tal and pari­etal lobes (in green).

3) You have to remem­ber what you see in one pic­ture and com­pare it to what you see in the oth­er pic­ture, that is you have to use your short-term mem­o­ry: this involves your frontal (in blue) and pari­etal lobes.

4) You have to mark down the loca­tions where you see a dif­fer­ence: this involves most­ly your frontal lobes (for the move­ment).

Ready! Set! Go!: How many dif­fer­ences can you spot, and which ones?

spot the difference brain teaser

Source of image: Wikipedia

More fun and challenge for your brain:


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83 Responses

  1. Jay says:

    15 dif­fer­ences… what’s the answer?

  2. megan says:

    i found 15 dif­fer­ences oh yeh !!!!! =D

  3. Lee says:

    i have found 25 (thats no a lite, look for small­er things and be patient 🙂

  4. joann says:

    i found 20 dif­fer­ences 🙂

  5. Dzadz says:

    Want to real­ly notice some­thing cool — cross your eyes so the two images merge (they will since they’re close to iden­ti­cal) then scan through it and you will notice where the dif­fer­ences are because wher­ev­er there is a change it will seem kind of not nat­ur­al

  6. monkey n moose says:

    yo we only found 15…CUS THERES ONLY 15 OF EM!!! peace lol

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