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Brain Exercises for the Weekend

Rubik's Cube brain exerciseHere you have a few fun brain exercises to train our attention and working memory (the ability to keep information current for a short period while using this information). Given them a try! They are not as easy as they may sound…

  1. Say the days of the week backwards, then in alphabetical order.
  2. Say the months of the year in alphabetical order. Easy? well, why don’t you try doing so backwards, in reverse alphabetical order.
  3. Find the sum of your date of birth, mm/dd/yyyy. Want more exercise? Do the same with friends’ and relatives’ date of birth.
  4. Name two objects for every letter in your complete name. Work up to five objects, trying to use different items each time.
  5. Wherever you are, look around and within two minutes, try to find 5 red things that will fit in your pocket, and 5 blue objects that are too big to fit.

PS: Enjoy these 50 brain teasers to test your cognitive ability. Free, and fun for adults of any age!



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  1. April says:

    By the way, Thank you!

  2. Jacy, Mauricio, Bill, April, thank you for your words – glad to see you enjoy it!

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