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Brain Exercises for the Weekend

Rubik's Cube brain exerciseHere you have a few fun brain exer­cis­es to train our atten­tion and work­ing mem­o­ry (the abil­i­ty to keep infor­ma­tion cur­rent for a short peri­od while using this infor­ma­tion). Giv­en them a try! They are not as easy as they may sound…

  1. Say the days of the week back­wards, then in alpha­bet­i­cal order.
  2. Say the months of the year in alpha­bet­i­cal order. Easy? well, why don’t you try doing so back­wards, in reverse alpha­bet­i­cal order.
  3. Find the sum of your date of birth, mm/dd/yyyy. Want more exer­cise? Do the same with friends’ and rel­a­tives’ date of birth.
  4. Name two objects for every let­ter in your com­plete name. Work up to five objects, try­ing to use dif­fer­ent items each time.
  5. Wher­ev­er you are, look around and with­in two min­utes, try to find 5 red things that will fit in your pock­et, and 5 blue objects that are too big to fit.

PS: Enjoy these 50 brain teasers to test your cog­ni­tive abil­i­ty. Free, and fun for adults of any age!



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