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Brain Teaser for pattern recognition: The Empty Triangle

Here you have a quick brain teaser…which number should be placed in the empty triangle to  the right?

This puzzle works your executive functions in your frontal lobes by using your pattern recognition, hypothesis testing, and logic.

Warning: There can be more than one solution…but make sure whatever you say works in all four triangles!

The Empty Triangle

Pattern Recognition Test - Empty Triangle

Let us know how you do! Read the rest of this entry »

Entrena tu mente con un acertijo: ¿cuál es el número que falta?

Es jueves y quizás a muchos nos hace falta un empujón para poner a andar el cerebro.

¿Te animas con este desafío matemático? 

Pattern Recognition Test - Empty Triangle

A ver si sabes cuál es el número que falta en el cuarto triángulo.

Aviso: puede haber más de una respuesta…pero asegúrate de que tu solución funciona en todos los triángulos!
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Challenge your mind with this logic brain teaser: Which direction is the bus going?


Can you see the bus above?

Assuming it is moving forward, in which direction do you think it’s traveling, right or left?

Please try answering on your own before checking below… Read the rest of this entry »

Entrena tu mente con un acertijo: ¿en qué dirección va el autobús?


No hay mucho preámbulo para esta prueba de razonamiento. ¿Ves el autobús de la imagen?

(Same brain teaser available in English here)

Pues asumiendo que avanza hacia adelante, ¿En qué dirección crees que se mueve, hacia la derecha o hacia la izquierda?

Piensa un poco antes de leer la respuesta abajo… Read the rest of this entry »

Test your Brain and Mind with these 9 Classic Optical Illusions

Are the two orange circles of the same size? 

One way to learn more about our brains and minds is to look at how we can trick them–that is, to see how we react to brain teasers and visual illusions.

Quick facts: The brain has two hemispheres, each divided into four lobes. Each lobe is (largely) responsible for different functions. For instance the frontal cortex (in yellow) is responsible for decision making and planning; the temporal lobe (in purple) for language and memory; the parietal lobe (in green) for spatial skills, and the occipital lobe (in red) is entirely devoted to vision: It is thus the place where visual illusions happen..

Below are 9 optical illu­sions that com­bine fun and learn­ing about our visual system. We know you know there is a trick since these are illu­sions… but don’t try to be smarter than your brain; enjoy being surprised!

(You’ll find answers and explanations at the end of the article)

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