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#11. What is going on with these pictures?


  • What is going on in these 2 pic­tures below?
  • Is there some ele­ment out of place?

Ready. Set. Go!

games for the brain

brain games


–> Watch this 2-minute video and enjoy the answer 🙂


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58 Responses

  1. scott says:

    yep twins and the pic­ture was takin on oppo­site ends of the trains

  2. Baz says:

    TWINS.…they are dressed the same and sit­ting across from eachother.

  3. ed borja says:

    its a mir­ror image but some ele­ments are miss­ing like the posters, the girl wear­ing hat..& some facial expres­sion..

  4. Alen says:

    This was staged.
    twins are sti­ing oppo­site each oth­er wehn the pho­to was tak­en.
    The win­dows of one side is dif­fer­ent to the oth­er side.

  5. Dhananjaya says:

    The girl studing book did’nt appear and thw per­son who is stand­ing in the first pic­ture is stand­ing in the sit­ting in the sec­ond picture.moreover it is the reflec­tion.

  6. Robin says:

    Both pic­tures have a dupli­cate of the peo­ple on each side. The 1st pic­ture has the peo­ple reversed and not wear­ing shoes. The sec­ond pic­ture is reverse of the 1st pic­ture and they are wear­ing shoes. The sec­ond pic­ture has the woman in a white coat sit­ting but stand­ing in the first pic­ture.

  7. parv says:

    mir­ror image

  8. Guy says:

    Time lapsed mir­ror imaged pho­tos joined. 10 sec­onds

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