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#11. What is going on with these pictures?


  • What is going on in these 2 pic­tures below?
  • Is there some ele­ment out of place?

Ready. Set. Go!

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brain games


–> Watch this 2-minute video and enjoy the answer 🙂


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58 Responses

  1. Tom says:

    There are many things going on in these pic­tures. They are NOT mir­ror images because some of the indi­vid­u­als are in slight­ly dif­fer­ent posis­tions in both pic­tures (even if on oppo­site sides). Notice the lady’s hands are dif­fer­ent on the white bag in the bot­tom pic­ture and also the lady with the blue hair rib­bon on the top pic, her chin is raised on one side and lev­el on the oth­er. Also, the back­grounds are dif­fer­ent in both. It’s very poss­bile they sim­ply had these peo­ple switch sides and snapped sep­a­rate pic­tures with most in as exact posi­tions as pos­si­ble.

  2. Lilu says:

    The thing going on in this pic­tures is sim­ple, they are not mir­ror reflec­tion because the peo­ple alike are is a min­i­mal difer­ent posi­tion. Is not the same subeat because the posters and the light is difer­ent and there is a per­son miss­ing in both pic­tures (the lady read­ing the book) her -pair- is not in front of her. Cool exper­i­ment

  3. DigiTim says:

    That’s cool! I thought mir­ror at first too. But I didn’t time how long it took for me to catch the dif­fer­ences.

  4. Ryan Clements says:

    I kin­da cheat­ed, I already had seen the video on Improv Every­where.

  5. Tak­en from oppo­sites ends of the train car after a stop .. also a cou­ple of shots each time which show slight dif­fer­ences in posi­tion …

  6. Lucie says:

    To achieve this effect in both pic­tures, 4 dif­fer­ent pic­tures have been tak­en, at two dif­fer­ent stops; 1 pic­ture tak­en from each end of the train at each stop.

    LEFT HALF of top pic­ture was tak­en at the 1ST STOP by the guy in the black coat (that you can see in the bot­tom pic).

    RIGHT HALF of top pic­ture was tak­en by that same guy, but at the 2ND STOP *which explain why the read­ing lady doesn’t have her “reflec­tion” as the oth­ers (she left the train before the pic was tak­en).

    LEFT HALF of bot­tom pic­ture was tak­en at the FIRST STOP by the girl stand­ing with the white trench coat seen on top pic­ture.

    RIGHT HALF of bot­tom pic­ture was tak­en, once again by that same girl, but at the 2ND STOP, where once again, the read­ing lady is miss­ing.

  7. MUSTAPHA says:

    I observed that the two pic­tures are not the same, also the pic­tures onthe oppo­site side have some sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­encec that can only be noticed with very close obser­va­tion.
    8 sec­onds of close look.

  8. tejasvini says:

    there is a mirror.…one side is true and the oth­er just a mir­ror side

  9. Prince says:

    Hahaha..There are same peo­ple who sit­ting beside them..It’s kin­da nice trick..and some one plac­ing a cam­era on the ver­ti­cal side of that train so that we can see the image of the per­son in ver­ti­cal it’s a…All are peo­ple who sit­ting beside them.. lol

  10. Prince says:

    Also the girl in first pic­ture ..her head was straight but oth­er side her head was down..haha..It’s trick..Nice man.. 😉

  11. becky says:

    they’re sets of iden­ti­cal twins sat oppo­site each oth­er as a mir­ror image, but their hair is dif­fer­ent and their faces are slightyl dif­fer­ent.

  12. Deana Thomas says:

    They are sets of iden­ti­cal twins.…I saw this exper­i­ment done to see how the pub­lic would re-act. I’m sure they scon­fused alot of sub­way rid­ers!

  13. Michelle says:

    there mir­rors one mir­ror is con­cave which is shrink­ing the image and one is con­vex which is stretch­ing it

  14. James says:

    First off I am a monoc­u­lar visioned per­son (1 human eye) but what was dif­fer­ent was obvi­ous. In the top pic­ture and bot­tom pic­ture, the num­ber 4 pas­sen­ger was miss­ing on one side of the image but present in the mir­ror image. This only took a cou­ple sec­onds to see. What doesn’t sur­prise me is that peo­ple with two human eyes can’t see this but peo­ple with one eye can see it. That is why I am a bet­ter com­mer­cial vehi­cle dri­ver and air­plane pilot. Peo­ple with one eye can see things with greater detail than peo­ple with two eyes. Go fig­ure.

  15. Arson says:

    These peo­ple in par­tic­i­pants in ImprovEv­ery­where in NYC.

  16. Jennifer says:

    The girl with the head band is in a dif­fer­ent posis­tion and so is the pole which she is hold­ing on the left but not the right. the mir­ror stuff is obvi­ous . I think 20 sec­onds should of looked anoth­er minute I see shoes

  17. Johne says:

    pairs of dupli­cates face each oth­er.

    mir­ror reflects per­sons

    BBQ sign oppo­site a map

  18. Lacy says:

    Its improv every­where from you tube, theyre great, they’re all twins, they freaked peo­ple out in the sub­way and stuff, it was hilar­i­ous!!!! if you havent seen them you should check them out!

  19. Laine says:

    ok…so this is real­ly late, but the sock thing is bogus…the big­ger girl on the end is wear­ing rain­boots and the sec­ond girl has on two-tone (gray/black) shoes…

    otherwise…ditto the twin thing every­one else men­tioned

  20. FemiNina says:

    twins going to the twin con­ven­tion on the sub­way?

  21. cipher says:

    either it’s a mir­ror image or they just have a train full of twins

  22. hbkim5 says:

    their all twins. Its not a mir­ror image because the trains have dif­fer­ent ads on each side.

  23. vince says:

    in the pho­to there are iden­ti­cal twins sit­ting across from each oth­er giv­ing the illu­sion of a mir­ror effect

  24. Thea says:

    Both trains have peo­ple that are wear­ing the same clothes and look alike — you will see they are not pos­ing exact­ly the same way. In both pic­tures there is a per­son who has no one the same across from him — the pic­ture was tak­en from two dif­fer­ent sides — it was in less than a minute i saw it.

  25. Lynzy says:

    they are all twins

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