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Update: Brain Fitness Seminars

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We hope you have some time to share with us today. Just came back from a superb event on Brain Health Across the Lifespan…and many stimulating things are happening in the world of brain fitness.

News and Events

Exercise your brain in the Cognitive Age: The New York Times published two thought-provoking articles on brain and cognitive fitness, one of them featuring SharpBrains.

Brain Fitness Webinar Series: Alvaro has been travelling a great deal over the last 2 weeks to speak at a number of conferences (Games for Health, Innovation Institute, Learning & The Brain) and universities (Harvard Business School), mainly to present the key findings from our market report. Now we launching a Brain Fitness Webinar Series to share the most important highlights of our work and field, helped by biologist and author John Medina:

Webinar #1: “The State of the Brain Fitness Software Market, 2008, (Tuesday May 27th, 11am PDT).

Webinar #2: “Brain Rules for Thinking Smarter, by guest speaker John Medina (Tuesday June 3rd, 11am PDT).

Webinar #3: “The Science and Practice of Brain Fitness, (Tuesday June 10th, 11am PDT).

To learn more and register, click on Brain Fitness Webinar Series


Can Intelligence Be Trained? Martin Buschkuehl shows how: These interview notes summarize a great conversation Alvaro had with Martin Buschkuehl, one of the University of Michigan’s researchers  involved in the cognitive training study that has received lots of media attention (New York Times, Wired, Science News…) since late April.

Understanding Brain Imaging: Spectacular post written by four of Dr. Daniel Lende’s students, showing how brain imaging provides a window into the plasticity of our brains, and how our very own actions impact them. For better and for worse.


Jack LaLanne and Dakim: Beautiful display of creativity…


Psychology of Intelligence Analysis: The CIA has posted the full text of one of its guidebooks, “Psychology of Intelligence Analysis”. Fascinating overview.

Brain and Cognition Expert Contributors: We profile some of our growing roster of Expert Contributors and link to their best articles with us so far. Enjoy!

Directory of Websites: Here you have a variety of brain and brain-health resources, including many gems.

Brain Teaser

Word game: stimulate your temporal lobe: Teaser that targets the neurons in your language areas, by Dr. Pascale Michelon.

And finally, you may enjoy these reflections on Golden Moments of Choice…and self-directed neuroplasticity by reading Neuroplasticity through Mind Hygiene.


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