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Jack LaLanne and Dakim

What a beautiful display of creativity:

Physical Fitness ‘Godfather’ Jack LaLanne Turns to Brain Fitness, Becoming Ambassador for Dakim’s [m] Power System

– Dakim, Inc., announced today that 93-year-young Jack LaLanne, the world’s most iconic figure in health and fitness, has signed on as a “brain fitness motivational coach” on behalf of the company’s [m]Power Cognitive Fitness System, joining the company’s efforts to help seniors fight against dementia.

– “I’ve spent my life preaching the importance of physical fitness with the understanding that your brain doesn’t die of old age, it dies of inactivity,” LaLanne said.

– Widely known as the godfather of physical fitness, LaLanne has been a fitness innovator for more than 75 years and is recognized as the inventor of modern physical fitness and weight training. He designed many of the exercise machines that are now fitness industry standards, and he introduced several generations of people worldwide to the benefits of frequent exercise and improved nutrition from 1951 to 1985 on “The Jack LaLanne Show,” the longest-running television program devoted to exercise.


We mentioned close to a year ago a very fun interview with Jack and Elaine LaLanne by Dave Bunnell: read it at Meet Fitness Legends Jack and Elaine LaLanne | See some quotes:

– In 1936, Jack opened America’s first health club in Oakland, California, called the “Jack LaLanne Physical Culture Studio.”

– Through television shows, public appearances, and books—and by selling health-related products—they have been the most vocal and effective evangelists for preventive health the world has ever known.

– “Elaine works out,” Jack replies, “but I work out eight days a week. I spend an hour and a half in the gym, and then a half hour in the pool, and I change my routine every 30 days completely.”

– “You’ve got to go at it hard and work on different muscles,” he continues. “You know how you stay young, don’t you? You work your butt off. Anything you do in life that’s worthwhile, there’s a price to pay.”

Jack recently celebrated his 92nd birthday…and yet he could say “I change my routine every 30 days completely.” Inspiring attitude.

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