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Brain Resources and Websites

We recently prepared a Directory of Web Sites as part of our Resources section. You will find some gems here, in a variety of areas:

>> The Dana Foundation offers several excellent online resources:

Brainy Kids Online offers children, teens, parents and teachers links to games, labs, education resources and lesson plans.

BrainWeb: general information about the brain and current brain research, as well as links to validated sites related to more than 25 brain disorders.

Brain Resources for Seniors provides older adults and their caretakers with links to sites related to brain health, education and general information.

>> PBS’s The Secret Life of the Brain: fun website including a history of the brain, anatomy, illusions, brain scanning, and development from child through adulthood.

>> Brain Awareness Week 2008: an international series of events to increase public awareness about the brain.

>> Society for Neuroscience: neuroscience information for scientists, the general public, the press, legislators, and educators.

>> Healthy Brain Initiative: policy initiative led by the CDC to develop a comprehensive Cognitive Health roadmap.

>> Brain Health: resources and lifestyle advice provided by AARP.

>> NeuroInsights: a market research and advisory company focused on the neurotechnology sector.

>> Maintain Your Brain: resources and lifestyle advice provided by the Alzheimer’s Association.

>> Attention Research Update: great source of information for research and treatments regarding Attention Deficits, published by Dr. David Rabiner, a Senior Research Scientist at Duke University.

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