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Brain Resources and Websites

We recent­ly pre­pared a Direc­to­ry of Web Sites as part of our Resources sec­tion. You will find some gems here, in a vari­ety of areas:

» The Dana Foun­da­tion offers sev­er­al excel­lent online resources:

- Brainy Kids Online offers chil­dren, teens, par­ents and teach­ers links to games, labs, edu­ca­tion resources and les­son plans.

- Brain­Web: gen­er­al infor­ma­tion about the brain and cur­rent brain research, as well as links to val­i­dat­ed sites relat­ed to more than 25 brain dis­or­ders.

- Brain Resources for Seniors pro­vides old­er adults and their care­tak­ers with links to sites relat­ed to brain health, edu­ca­tion and gen­er­al infor­ma­tion.

» PBS’s The Secret Life of the Brain: fun web­site includ­ing a his­to­ry of the brain, anato­my, illu­sions, brain scan­ning, and devel­op­ment from child through adult­hood.

» Brain Aware­ness Week 2008: an inter­na­tion­al series of events to increase pub­lic aware­ness about the brain.

» Soci­ety for Neu­ro­science: neu­ro­science infor­ma­tion for sci­en­tists, the gen­er­al pub­lic, the press, leg­is­la­tors, and edu­ca­tors.

» Healthy Brain Ini­tia­tive: pol­i­cy ini­tia­tive led by the CDC to devel­op a com­pre­hen­sive Cog­ni­tive Health roadmap.

» Brain Health: resources and lifestyle advice pro­vid­ed by AARP.

» Neu­roIn­sights: a mar­ket research and advi­so­ry com­pa­ny focused on the neu­rotech­nol­o­gy sec­tor.

» Main­tain Your Brain: resources and lifestyle advice pro­vid­ed by the Alzheimer’s Asso­ci­a­tion.

» Atten­tion Research Update: great source of infor­ma­tion for research and treat­ments regard­ing Atten­tion Deficits, pub­lished by Dr. David Rabin­er, a Senior Research Sci­en­tist at Duke Uni­ver­si­ty.

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