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CHADD, resiliency and Mark Katz

Last day of CHADD. Yesterday, we had 2 great presentations by Dr. Torkel Klingberg on Cogmed working memory training program, RoboMemo, very well received by a large audience.

Today, many meetings on executive functioning, working memory training, frontal lobes, and even dopamine, with the Cogmed team, some of Cogmed´s licensees such as Dr. Arthur Lavin from A Working Mind, and Mark Katz, a clinical psychologist from San Diego very involved with CHADD, helping ADD/ADHD kids and adults for many years.

Mark Katz and I had a great conversation on resiliency and emotional endurance. We will talk more about it in this blog, but in summary he is writing a new book on the importance of ¨turning points¨that enable all of us, including people brought up in difficult contexts (with many risk factors), overcome life difficulties by attaching new meanings to our experiences and our lives, developing a sense of mastery, and finding at least one area in our lives where we can suceed and build self-confidence around.

Enjoy the evening

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