Executive functioning and ADD/ADHD: is Brain Fitness coming here too?

Great day at CHADD today. Very good con­ver­sa­tions on Brain Fit­ness with Dr. Torkel Kling­berg and the Cogmed team, pedi­a­tri­cians such as Dr. Arthur Lavin, who was the first clin­i­cal provider of Cogmed Work­ing Mem­o­ry Train­ing in the US, and neu­rop­shy­chol­o­gist Dr. Sam Gold­stein-this con­ver­sa­tion around how biofeed­back devices can help golfers bet­ter man­age their stress lev­els and improve their game.

Mark Katz won a well-deserved award and talked about his inter­est in resilience and emo­tion­al endurance, and Richard Barkley, in his keynote, showed pre­lim­i­nary find­ings from his research on adults with ADD/ ADHD and con­clud­ed that most rel­e­vant symp­toms to diag­nose an adult with ADD/ ADHD involve exec­u­tive func­tion­ing and frontal lobe prob­lems. We have talked about this ear­li­er, but in short: exec­u­tive func­tions reside in our brain’s frontal lobes (behind our fore­head), and deal with abil­i­ties such as inhi­bi­tion, work­ing mem­o­ry, orga­ni­za­tion to time and future events, emo­tion­al man­age­ment, self-moti­va­tion, and planning.

Will add some rel­e­vant links over the week­end, when I have some time.


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