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Executive functioning and ADD/ADHD: is Brain Fitness coming here too?

Great day at CHADD today. Very good conversations on Brain Fitness with Dr. Torkel Klingberg and the Cogmed team, pediatricians such as Dr. Arthur Lavin, who was the first clinical provider of Cogmed Working Memory Training in the US, and neuropshychologist Dr. Sam Goldstein-this conversation around how biofeedback devices can help golfers better manage their stress levels and improve their game.

Mark Katz won a well-deserved award and talked about his interest in resilience and emotional endurance, and Richard Barkley, in his keynote, showed preliminary findings from his research on adults with ADD/ ADHD and concluded that most relevant symptoms to diagnose an adult with ADD/ ADHD involve executive functioning and frontal lobe problems. We have talked about this earlier, but in short: executive functions reside in our brain’s frontal lobes (behind our forehead), and deal with abilities such as inhibition, working memory, organization to time and future events, emotional management, self-motivation, and planning.

Will add some relevant links over the weekend, when I have some time.


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