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Brain Fitness Programs and Neurotechnology

Second and last day of the 6th Annual Neurotech Leaders Forum.

– Deeper review into the challenges the sector (mainly neurodevices) face, such as complexity of reimbursement process, and lack of reasonable agreement as to what “scientific evidence” means (Medicare and Medicaid require randomized double-blind protocols, which is tough, if possible in ensure in some cases)

– The Neurotechnology Industry Organization, to be formally presented at the Society for Neuroscience Conference could fill an important role there.

Dr. Michael Merzenich was among the recipients of the Gold Electrode Award 2006. Dr. Merzenich is one of the pioneers in this field and Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of two leading companies in this sector: Scientific Learning .
and Posit Science .

– We presented our view of the Brain Fitness market, with the following Executive Summary:

1) The computer-based Brain Fitness Programs field is a new and growing field, driven by recent major scientific findings, the first programs with clear clinical data and the emergence of wide public awareness of the need for “brain exercise”

2) SharpBrains brings to market computer-based, proven, best-of-breed cognitive neuroscience applications to present a full “brain gym”. The programs are developed by research institutions and/ or affiliated companies worldwide

3) Some programs we have identified are targeted at
– Overall brain maintenance
– Bio-feedback based stress management
– Working memory training for people with ADD/ ADHD
– Basketball-specific “game-intelligence”. Yes, this can be trained too!

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