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Will personalized meditation apps be able to replicate the experience of working with a coach?


Men­tal fit­ness’ start­up Ele­vate Labs launch­es a per­son­al­ized med­i­ta­tion app called Bal­ance (TechCrunch):

While investors are already writ­ing big checks for med­i­ta­tion star­tups, Ele­vate Labs founder and CEO Jesse Pickard said that none of the exist­ing med­i­ta­tion apps can replace the expe­ri­ence of work­ing with a human coach.

This expe­ri­ence where you have some­body that meets with you is wild­ly bet­ter than any dig­i­tal prod­uct that’s out there,” Pickard said. “The prob­lem is, it’s not afford­able to 99% of the plan­et.”

So Ele­vate Labs is launch­ing a new mobile app today called Bal­ance, which is designed to repli­cate the expe­ri­ence of work­ing with a live med­i­ta­tion coach … you’re not just brows­ing through a library of pre­re­cord­ed con­tent. Instead, the app starts out by ask­ing you about your goals, your med­i­ta­tion expe­ri­ence and more. You’ll then get a set of intro­duc­to­ry med­i­ta­tions that may look famil­iar, but Pickard said that each med­i­ta­tion is actu­al­ly “a com­bi­na­tion of dozens and dozens of clips woven togeth­er that’s per­son­al­ized to you.”

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