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Startup Aural Analytics raises $4.3M to monitor neurological health by analyzing speech patterns

Aur­al Ana­lyt­ics rais­es $4.3M for voice-based cog­ni­tive health mon­i­tor­ing (Mobi­Health­News):

Aur­al Ana­lyt­ics, a start­up using speech ana­lyt­ics algo­rithms to gauge changes in brain health, has raised $4.3 mil­lion in seed fund­ing … The arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence engine col­lects speech sam­ples through a smart­phone or tablet app, and uploads these to a cloud serv­er for analy­sis. From these, the com­pa­ny can gen­er­ate insights on the speaker’s neu­ro­log­i­cal health, such as Alzheimer’s dis­ease. The plat­form comes set with APIs so that provider clients can inte­grate these ser­vices across the con­tin­u­um of care.

Star­tups like Neu­roLex, Sonde, Win­terLight Labs have each devel­oped plat­forms that rely on vocal bio­mark­ers such as pitch, vol­ume, vocab­u­lary and oth­er vari­ables to detect phys­i­cal and cog­ni­tive dis­or­ders among speak­ers. Sim­i­lar­ly, Israel and Mass­a­chu­setts-based start­up Beyond Ver­bal has long employed voice clips to detect a speaker’s emo­tion­al health — an area that Bloomberg recent­ly report­ed is also of inter­est to tech giant Ama­zon.”

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