Spiegel invests in brain training startup NeuroNation (Germany)

BrainTrainingSpiegel picks up stake in Berlin brain-train­ing start­up Neu­roNa­tion (Ven­ture Cap­i­tal Post):

Berlin-based brain-train­ing start­up Neu­roNa­tion has received a sev­en-fig­ure invest­ment from pub­lish­ing firm (part of the largest Ger­man media group). The deal, which was done in part­ner­ship with accel­er­a­tor XLHealth, allowed Spiegel to take a 25% stake in the start­up, accord­ing to Ven­ture Village…According to Neu­roNa­tion, it has gained 100,000 users since its 2011 found­ing. The com­pa­ny has been prof­itable since June last year, and has been boot­strapped since its €50,000 seed fund­ing from Seed­match. The fir­m’s founders plan to use half of the lat­est fund­ing to improve its mobile product…”

Relat­ed invest­ments, and indus­try outlook:

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