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Cogmed, emWave, brainHQ, Lumosity and “I have seen the results I wanted”

Question by Veronica Yin:
Cogmed has the highest survey results for “I have seen the results I wanted.” I had never heard of it before. emWave comes a close second, and I hadn’t heard of it either. And then brainHQ and Lumosity are well ahead of general brain games. What do you recommend for a busy mom and lawyer in my 50s? And for my teenage kids?

Alvaro Fernandez

Alvaro Fernandez

Answer by Alvaro Fernandez:
Well, it takes time for new fields to mature and for people to be aware of the options and their respective value and limitations…

What I recommend all of you is that first of all you read the personal vignettes in the last chapter (note: of The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness), because they help integrate all the most important brain-enhancing methods, which include aerobic exercise, meditation, good nutrition…

Then, if you are sure you want to try the brain training route, I’d probably say emWave and brainHQ can make sense for you, and Lumosity and perhaps Cogmed (more expensive, mostly distributed through clinicians and schools) for your kids. You can read in Table 5 more info about them, and decide.

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