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SharpBrains_cover_front_webWe were very glad this morning to find this customer review in, discussing our new book:

“My family has a history of dementia and Alzheimer’s, so my wife and I are always on the lookout for new and helpful information about keeping our brains strong as we age. We’ve read more than a few and I haven’t written reviews of any of them. I wanted to share a bit about why I did like this book and what prompted me to take the time to write a review. I found this book to be bursting with useful information. It is very easy to read and the information is presented beautifully for what I consider to be the intended audience – people like me without an advanced degree in brain-related science! At the same time, the content is very up-to-date so I am sure those in the field could learn quite a bit, too. The section of the book that I found most enlightening and interesting is about how exercise affects the brain. As a not-too-avid, but fairly consistent exerciser, I read this chapter hoping for it to rejuvenate my effort and it did because it presented the how and why of exercise’s benefits for the brain. When my young don asked me why I was exercising again, I almost replied, “It turns out that the research shows that exercise can trigger changes in the brain that spur neuroplasticity, which is the production of new neurons and the connections between them!” But, instead I just said because it is good for me and for my brain… not because I don’t think he could have understood, but more because I didn’t want his follow-up questions to delay my neuroplasticity workout! I think another section that will be interesting to many readers as it was for me is the section about nutrition and the brain. The Mediterranean Diet, supplements’ effect on brain health (or not), smoking, and obesity are a few of the topics covered. One last note… Each chapter ends with an interview with a prominent expert in the area covered in the previous chapter. This is great! The interviews provide points of emphasis and put a nice bow on each chapter. My wife is reading it now and we’ll share it with relatives after that. Thank you, Doctors Fernandez, Goldberg, and Michelon.”

Thank YOU, Timmy Gillard, and other readers!

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