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Brain Health NewsA few very interesting New York Times articles over the last couple of days, plus a great opportunity for clinicians and researchers in Latin America.

Well: When a Brain Scientist Suffers a Stroke

“Dr. Taylor recounts the details of her stroke and the amazing insights she gained from it in a riveting 18-minute video of her speech at the Technology, Entertainment, Design Conference in Monterey, Calif., last month.”

Cases Without Borders: Psychotherapy for All: An Experiment

“The clinic is at the forefront of a program that has the potential to transform mental health treatment in the developing world. Instead of doctors, the program trains laypeople to identify and treat depression and anxiety and sends them to six community health clinics in Goa, in western India.”

Attention Deficits That May Linger Well Past Childhood

“Dr. Philip Shaw, the National Institute of Mental Health psychiatrist who led the imaging study, was surprised and dismayed to see the results taken up to bolster that brand of doubt. “The findings, if anything, are very good evidence of yet another major biological difference between kids with A.D.H.D. and typically developing children,” he said. “The study was very much a question about the biology of A.D.H.D., and I think the findings certainly would feed into the idea of A.D.H.D. as being a very real problem with a very clear biological basis.”

Latin American clinicians and researchers: You can’t miss this opportunity. Vaughan from Mind Hacks, one of the best brain & mind bloggers, and am sure a superb psychologist, is looking for opportunities to work with you for 6-12 months. You can contact him directly bas indicated below. He says in this post: 

– “I qualify as a clinical psychologist in September and would like to work in Latin America for 6 months to a year afterwards.”

– “If you know anyone in Spanish speaking Latin America who might be interested employing a newly qualified clinical psychologist who speaks passable Spanish (with room for improvement) and has a PhD in cognitive neuropsychiatry, please get in touch.”

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