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Brain Training: MindFit workout

Just released in Scientific American:
Memory workouts beat other computer games in study

Some quotes

  • “Training the brain with a computer workout program may be better than classic computer games at staving off age-related mental decline, scientists reported on Friday.”
  • “Researchers in Israel compared how one brain-training program, MindFit, fared versus a workout with a sampling of classic computer games, such as the puzzle game Tetris.”
  • “The study, funded by a grant from game maker CogniFit Ltd., involved 121 volunteers over 50 who used the MindFit training program or a sampling of computer games for three months.”
  • “Both groups benefited, but the group using the MindFit program showed a statistically significant improvement in spatial short-term memory, spatial learning and focused attention.”
  • “Improvement was especially pronounced in users who started out with some form of cognitive decline.
  • The findings, which were presented on Friday at an Alzheimer’s conference in Salzburg, Austria, were similar to a smaller study done at the University of California last year.”

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