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Awards and events this week: MindFit, Posit Science, Serious Games, Baby Boomers, Aging

Very interesting week:


1) MindFit ‘Brain Gym’ Software Receives 2007 Award Business and Aging Award by the American Society on Aging (ASA).

“Most people neglect to exercise their brains as much as they should.  MindFit was created specifically for baby boomers and seniors as a fitness center for their minds,” said Prof. Shlomo Breznitz, Ph.D., founder and president of CogniFit, Ltd.

More on MindFit program.

2) Posit Science received the ASA Small Business award

(You can learn more about the similarities and differences between MindFit and Posit Science here)

3) Keeping Brains Fit: MindAlert Awards Recognize Three Successful Educational Programs, (American Society on Aging-MetLife Foundation MindAlert Awards)

Baby Boomer Summit

Boomer Business Experts Predict “What’s Next in 07

Marketers need new strategy to reach boomer wallets

Serious Games Summit

Game Friday: Harnessing Collective Intelligence with Jane McGonigal

Serious Games Squared

Persuasive Games: The Missing Social Rituals of Exergames


Mind control: The future of gaming?

Amazing demo of what we remember visually, and why

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