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Puzzle: do writing miracles happen?

Puzzle: You may be wondering how it is possible that my writing style suddenly improved so much. Now the posts are engaging, enlightening, and fun. Maybe I am using one of our Brain Fitness Programs, with fast and amazing results?

Solution: please welcome Caroline, our contributing editor of the blog, who started writing last week such good posts as:
– Today’s great Brain Puzzle for the Whole Brain: The Blind Beggar
Nutritional Supplements and Brain Fitness
Visual Perception Brain Teaser
Brain Coach Answers: How Can I Be More Creative? Is Creativity a Part of Brain  Fitness?
Social Intelligence and Mirror Neurons
Social Intelligence and the Frontal Lobes
More Weight, Less Memory – Connections Between Physical and Brain Fitness
Brain Yoga: Stress — Killing You Softly
Brain Coach Answers: Aren’t crosswords and sudoku sufficient brain exercise?

We will start signing our respective posts, even if we collaborate on them, so that you know who to complain to first 🙂


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  1. Caroline says:

    Thanks Alvaro! I’m delighted to be on board!!

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