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Maker of “neuro” functional drinks settles false advertising complaint

neuro-drinksFol­low­ing Civ­il Com­plaint, Neu­ro to Update Labels and Change Mar­ket­ing Prac­tices (BevNet):

Neu­ro­brands LLC, the mak­er of Neu­ro drinks, has agreed to set­tle a civ­il com­plaint alleg­ing the com­pa­ny engaged in false adver­tis­ing and vio­lat­ed fed­er­al food safe­ty laws and reg­u­la­tions. The com­plaint was filed by the city of San­ta Mon­i­ca Read the rest of this entry »

Harnessing virtual reality to practice meditation?



Med­i­tat­ing in vir­tu­al real­i­ty (Penin­su­la Press):

Imag­ine you are on a beach in Bali prac­tic­ing yoga at dawn, watch­ing the sun rise beyond the lagoon. The image is so vivid that you almost for­get you are actu­al­ly sit­ting in an office in San Fran­cis­co, wear­ing a vir­tu­al real­i­ty (VR) head­set. Read the rest of this entry »

The Federal Trade Commission challenges brain health claims by Procera AVH dietary supplement



Pro­cera AVH Mar­keters Can For­get About Claim­ing to Reverse Mem­o­ry Loss (Nation­al Law Review):

It turns out that there is not a mag­ic pill capa­ble of revers­ing the effects of aging on the human brain, includ­ing mem­o­ry loss, or at least not one we can remem­ber right now. The FTC recent­ly remind­ed the mar­keters of Pro­cera AVH, a dietary sup­ple­ment that alleged­ly com­bats mem­o­ry loss and cog­ni­tive decline, of their respon­si­bil­i­ties as Read the rest of this entry »

Daniel Ferguson: Big Data opens a world of opportunity in health, psychology, neuroscience

Daniel Ferguson

Daniel Fer­gu­son

Please tell us about your inter­est in applied brain sci­ence. What areas are you most inter­est­ed in? 
I am most­ly intrigued by brain train­ing and behav­ioral response using neuro/biofeedback and augmented/virtual real­i­ty.

What is one impor­tant thing you are work­ing on now, and where can peo­ple learn more about it? 
We are work­ing on ways to lever­age aug­ment­ed real­i­ty for ful­ly immer­sive expe­ri­ences that can impact mood. Read the rest of this entry »

Transcript: Dr. Gary Small on Enhancing Memory and the Brain

Below you can find the full tran­script of our engag­ing Q&A ses­sion today on mem­ory, mem­ory tech­niques and brain-healthy lifestyles with Dr. Gary  Small, Direc­tor of UCLA’s Mem­ory Clin­ic and Cen­ter on Aging, and author of The Mem­ory Bible. You can learn more about his book  Here, and learn more about upcom­ing Brain Fit­ness Q&A Ses­sions Here.

Per­haps one of the best ques­tions and answers was:

Ques­tion: Gary, you’ve worked many years in this field. Let us in on the secret. What do YOU do you, per­son­al­ly, to pro­mote your own brain fit­ness?
Answer: I try to get at least 30 min­utes of aer­o­bic con­di­tion­ing each day; try to min­i­mize my stress by stay­ing con­nect­ed with fam­i­ly and friends; gen­er­al­ly eat a brain healthy diet (fish, fruits, veg­eta­bles), and try to bal­ance my online time with my offline time. Which reminds me, I think it is almost time for me to sign off line. Read the rest of this entry »

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