A few brain teasers to flex those cognitive muscles over the weekend

Look around you, wher­ev­er you are, and find three green things that may fit in your pock­ets, and three red objects that are clear­ly too big to fit.


OK, now you have six objects.

Go ahead and say their names in alpha­bet­i­cal order. 


Now name them in reverse alpha­bet­i­cal order.


Now count the total num­ber of syl­la­bles in those six words.

Not easy, right? 

All these men­tal oper­a­tions engage your work­ing mem­o­ry — think of work­ing mem­o­ry as your tem­po­rary men­tal work­space where you can hold and inte­grate sev­er­al units of infor­ma­tion at once.

Feel free to prac­tice in dif­fer­ent loca­tions … you can take these brain teasers with you, any­where you go :-)

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