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Train your brain to think outside the box with these fun riddles

– Con­cept art devel­oped for the Jun­gle Book movie by Annis Naeem


Q: What do our thought process­es have in com­mon with walk­ing through the jun­gle?
A: We only make real progress after acknowl­edg­ing going in cir­cles.

Q: What is the worst kind of echo?
A: The one that resounds much lat­er of some­thing dumb I said much ear­li­er!

Q: When is a table not a table?
A: When, in freez­ing win­ter, you have no fire­wood for the chim­ney.

Q: Why do we grow old?
A: Because we are primed by one of the ear­li­est and most repeat­ed ques­tions: “How old are you?”

Q: Why can you nev­er for­get your birth day?
A: Because it is the first thing you cel­e­brate on wak­ing up every morn­ing.


– Kei­th Per­reur-Lloyd is an Anglo-French com­pos­er and musi­cian cur­rent­ly liv­ing in Spain. You can learn more about his clas­si­cal com­po­si­tions here.

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