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Fun brain teasers for kids and adults: Which train is going the “wrong” way? And, where is that bus going?


In the image above, cour­tesy of Heathrow Express. you can see 27 trains on the tracks.

Quick — can you spot the  out­lier?

(Not nec­es­sar­i­ly “wrong”, just dif­fer­ent from all oth­er trains)


Notice the solu­tion below. The flat caboose car gives away the train’s direc­tion, head­ing east instead of west, as opposed to all oth­er trains:


Sec­ond brain teas­er

Now chal­lenge your mind with this log­ic brain teas­er — Which direc­tion is the bus below going? 

Assum­ing it is mov­ing for­ward, in which direc­tion do you think it’s trav­el­ing, right or left?

Please try answer­ing on your own before check­ing below…


When most peo­ple, kids and adults, are shown this brain teas­er, they often answer “left.”


Because you can’t see the door.”


Obvi­ous­ly, this works in coun­tries where you dri­ve on the right side of the road, like the US, Cana­da, Chi­na and con­ti­nen­tal Europe; and would be the reverse in coun­tries where you dri­ve on the left side, such as the UK, Aus­tralia and India.


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