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Survey: Have you ever used technologies or products for brain enhancement?


Question: Have you ever used–for yourself or for others–technologies or products that you think would fall into the category of brain enhancement? a) If Yes, what did you use and what lessons learned can you share? b) If No, what issues would you like to see addressed before considering doing so?

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Note: As a token of appreciation, we will issue 3 complimentary passes for most insightful respondents to participate at the upcoming 2017 SharpBrains Virtual Summit: Brain Health & Enhancement in the Digital Age (December 5-7th). Names will be announced on Monday, November 20th, so please don’t wait to share your insights 🙂

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  1. José Chou says:

    I never used technologies for brain enhancement.
    It would be most interesting exploring fields related to artificial intelligence (AI) in doing so

  2. Jim Brown says:

    Yes, I used the Lumosity training for about a year. Although I could see myself progressing on the tasks/games recommended for me, and my scores were compared to others in my age group, I was never convinced that there was any change in my own level of executive functioning. It was an intriguing process, and I would probably try one again, if it had significant research regarding its efficacy.

  3. Alan Davenport says:

    BrainHQ/ PositScience for 3 years. I feel a certain amount of stimulation on the “Personal Training.”

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