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Study: High television viewing and low physical activity can significantly worsen long-term cognitive function



Too much TV, low physical activity may worsen cognitive function (Medical News Today):

“The team’s study included more than 3,200 adults aged 18-30…Over 25 years, the researchers recorded participants’ television viewing time and physical activity levels…In the study, high television viewing was defined as more than 4 hours daily, while low physical activity was defined as activity below 300 Kcal per 50-minute session, three times weekly. If participants met these definitions in more than two thirds of assessments, they were deemed as having a long-term pattern of high television viewing and low physical activity.

At the end of the 25-year study period, participants took part in tests that assessed their cognitive function, including memory, executive function and processing speed.

Seventeen percent of participants had a long-term pattern of low physical activity over the 25 years, 11% had a long-term pattern of high television viewing and 3% had a long-term pattern of both.

The researchers found that high television viewing and low physical activity among participants were independently associated with significantly poorer cognitive function in mid-life, while subjects with both factors were nearly two times more likely to have worse cognitive function in mid-life…”Because research indicates that Alzheimer’s and other dementias develop over several decades, increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary behavior beginning in early adulthood may have a significant public health impact.”

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