Next in Human Resources: Tracking brain games data to measure cognitive and emotional traits?



Recruit­ing Bet­ter Tal­ent With Brain Games And Big Data (NPR):

Peo­ple have always want­ed to find a way to assess some­one’s cog­ni­tive and emo­tion­al traits in an objec­tive way that might give them a sense of: What is this per­son real­ly ide­al­ly suit­ed for?” she says.

So Pol­li co-found­ed Pymet­rics, which uses  to mea­sure things like atten­tion to detail and risk tol­er­ance — fac­tors that she says can help deter­mine a good job fit…

A com­pa­ny called Knack claims to do this by track­ing how peo­ple play their cell­phone games…behind the scenes, Knack is col­lect­ing thou­sands of data points about how I play. Guy Halfteck, the com­pa­ny’s founder and CEO, says game­play cor­re­lates with how peo­ple think and work.

Lev­el of pres­sure, inten­si­ty, lev­el of chal­lenge — we look at all those behav­iors,” he says.

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