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Ellen Somers: Staying sharp by continually learning and teaching about brain health

Ellen Somers

Ellen Somers, MA, LMHC

What is your name, job title and organization, and what excites you the most about working there?
As Coordinator of  Cognitive Health Services at St. Camillus Centers, I am always looking for new ways to develop our programs and services as the field of brain health evolves.

Please tell us about your interest in applied brain science. What areas are you most interested in? What motivated you to pursue work in your field?
Over the years, my focus on dementia care has expanded into an interest in prevention and brain health maintenance. I particularly enjoy working with persons with mild impairment that are motivated to improve their cognitive skills.

What is one important thing you are working on now, and where can people learn more about it? 
Teaching a new adult education course called “Lifelong Brain Health” that integrates information from several resources, and features The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness.

What are 1-2 key things you’d like every person to understand regarding his/ her own brain and mind, that you think is commonly misrepresented or not addressed in the popular media? 
More community-based education programs that are evidence-based (I see quite a few programs out there that seem “flashy” but don’t appear to be based on much research).

What surprised you the most at the 2013 SharpBrains Virtual Summit? 
Maybe not “surprised” per se, but I wasn’t familiar with a good number of the newer technologies that are becoming available.

Finally, what do YOU do to stay sharp? 
Above all, continually learning and teaching new materials on brain health. Also, daily aerobic exercise, pleasure reading, and tai chi.

2013 SharpBrains Summit—This con­ver­sa­tion is part of the inter­view series with Speak­ers and Par­tic­i­pants in the 2013 Sharp­Brains Vir­tual Sum­mit (Sep­tem­ber 19-20th). Previous interviews include:

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