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Final 48 Hours to Register @ 2012 SharpBrains Virtual Summit

Registration to participate in the 2012 SharpBrains Virtual Summit: Optimizing Health through Neuroplasticity, Innovation and Data will close in 48 hours –five hours before the event starts.

We are really looking forward to discussing such a Summit Agenda. If you have read Walter Isaacson’s great book on Steve Jobs, you’ll be pleased to know that Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, will open the Friday sessions with an insightful talk of what we can learn from the personal computer and videogaming revolutions. Stanley Yang, CEO of NeuroSky, has just confirmed he’ll be speaking too.

We have added Water­cooler Chats to make sure all participants can chat and con­nect  – which will be fun since registered participants feature a quite impressive range of professional backgrounds:

  • AARP, Senior strategic advisor
  • Aging Gracefully, Owner
  • All Brain Fitness, Clinical Psychologist
  • Aon Hewitt, Leader, Behavioral Health Consulting
  • BCM Technologies, Inc., Executive in Residence
  • Bcoaching, Executive coach
  • Boston Brain Fitness, Neurotherapist
  • BPD Research, Researcher
  • Brain & Language Connections, Speech Pathologist
  • Brain Fit, Director
  • Brain Fitness Center BFC, CEO
  • BrainWorks Center, Clinical Director
  • BrainWorks Center, Psychologist
  • Center for Brain Training, President
  • Center for Communication & Learning Skills, Speech-Language Pathologist/Audiologist
  • Center for Hearing, Speech and Language, Director of Neurocognitive Services
  • Charlesbank Capital, Associate
  • Choratech, Founder
  • Christchurch Memory Clinic, Director
  • CJE SeniorLife, Program Development
  • Cognisess, CEO
  • Cognitive Behavior Disorders Center, Clinical Director
  • Cognuse, CSO
  • Common Ground Alliance, Director
  • CORAZynergy, Brain Health Educator and Trainer
  • Cottage Center for Brain Fitness, Director
  • Curiosityville, Chairman of the Board
  • Deborah Johnston Consulting, Psychologist
  • Edington Associates, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Excel Educational Services, Consultant
  • Gaia Collaborative Medicine, Doctor
  • Getmeaning diagnostics, Psychologist
  • GGI, Founder / CEO
  • Goldman & Axelman Speech/Language Pathologists, Speech/Language Pathologist
  • Gwyneth Wesley Rolph, Private Practitioner
  • HAVEN Academy, Social Worker TQM
  • Instituto Burmuin, General manager
  • Interactives Executive Excellence, Founder & Managing Member
  • InteraXon, CEO
  • Kent State University, Associate Professor
  • La Neurona Responsible, CEO
  • Lights 4 Life Energy Foundation, Executive Director
  • Livescribe, Vice Chairman
  • Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, Psycologist
  • Mayo Clinic, Project Coordinator
  • Memory Elation Software, CEO
  • Mercer, Senior Associate
  • Music annd Happiness, Co-owner
  • National Science Foundation, Program Officer, Smart Health and Wellbeing
  • National Services, Director
  • Nationwide Insurance, AHS Nurse Specialist
  • NauchGrad, CEO
  • NeoCorta, Neuropsychologist
  • NeuroTek, LLC, CEO
  • NeuroTrax Corp., CEO
  • OMNI educational, Senior Consultant
  • Pearson Clinical Assessment, Cogmed Manager
  • Pearson Clinical Assessment, Director of Business Development
  • PeopleTeamsLeaders, Principal
  • Performance Health, Co-founder
  • Primal, Patent Attorney
  • Proactive Ageing Pty Ltd, Company Owner / Director
  • Rosehaven Provincial Program, Psychologist
  • San Diego Community College District, Professor / Older Adult Studies
  • Sparks of Genius, CEO
  • Start-up, CEO
  • SYNERGY, CEO, Author, Speaker
  • The Synapse Connection LLC, Founder * CEO
  • The Wellness Alliance, President
  • ThinkMotion, President
  • Third Chapter Ventures, Chief Marketing Officer
  • TLB Bay Area Brain Fitness, Brain Health Educator
  • University of British Columbia, Professor
  • University of Kentucky, Psychotherapist
  • Unobrain, CEO
  • Unwax Corporation, Researcher
  • Wasdell Academy for Innovative Learning, Principal/Director
  • Winter Park Health Foundation, Program Director
  • Worthington Schools, Teacher/Academic Assistant


–> To Learn More about the 2012 Sum­mit and to Reg­is­ter: click on 2012 Sharp­Brains Vir­tual Sum­mit: Opti­miz­ing Health through Neu­ro­plas­tic­ity, Inno­va­tion and Data (June 7-14th).

Looking forward to a great event!

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