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Will You Join Us @ 2012 SharpBrains Virtual Summit (June 7-14th, 2012)

We are excited to announce the stellar and growing roster of speakers and moderators @ 2012 SharpBrains Virtual Summit, including several in-depth educational workshops to address topics of high interest based on your feedback. You can now Watch this 3-minute tutorial about the 2012 Summit, and Register at early-bird rates before April 30th. We hope you can join us!


June 7th, 2012


June 8th, 2012


June 14th, 2012

Educational Workshops

Dr. Evian Gordon, Executive Chairman, Brain Resource

Dr. Michael Posner, Professor Emeritus, University of Oregon

Dr. Yaakov Stern, Cognitive Neuroscience Division Leader, Columbia University

Dr. Yi-Yuan Tang, Director, Texas Tech Neuroimaging Institute

Sharon Begley, Senior Health & Science Correspondent, Reuters

Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman, Director, Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas

Dr. Holly Jimison, Associate Professor, Oregon Health & Science

Dr. William Reichman, President, Baycrest

Dr. Keith Wesnes, Practice Leader, United BioSource Corporation

David Coleiro, Partner, Strategic North

Kathleen Herath, Associate Vice President Health & Productivity, Nationwide Insurance

Dr. Olivier Oullier, Professor of Behavioral and Brain Science, Aix-Marseille

David Rock, Co-Founder, NeuroLeadership Institute

Ed Batista, Leadership Coach, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Dr. Gregory Bayer, CEO, Brain Resource

Peter Kissinger, President, AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

Dr. Peter Whitehouse, Professor, Case Western Reserve University

Nolan Bushnell, Founder, Atari

Alvaro Fernandez, CEO, SharpBrains

Lindsay Gaskins, CEO, Marble: the Brain Store

Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa, President, Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation

Dr. Shlomo Breznitz, President, CogniFit

Dr. Adam Gazzaley, Director of the Neuroscience Imaging Center, UCSF

Eric Gordon, CEO, Atentiv

Dr. C. Shawn Green, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Brian Mossop, Community Editor, Wired

Dr. Jonathan King, Program Director, NIH Division of Behavioral and Social Research

Dr. Molly Wagster, Chief of the Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience Branch, National Institute on Aging

Dr. Robert Bilder, Chief of Medical Psychology-Neuropsychology, UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience

Kristi Durazo, Senior Advisor, American Heart Association

Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg, author, scientist, neuropsychologist

Jonas Jendi, CEO, Cogmed

Dr. Kenneth Kosik, Co-Director, UC Santa Barbara Neuroscience Research Institute

Dr. Tracy Packiam Alloway, Assistant Professor, University of North Florida

Dr. Henry Mahncke, CEO, Posit Science

Howard Eaton, CEO, Eaton Educational Group

Annette Goodman, Chief Education Officer, Arrowsmith Program

Kate Sullivan, Director of the Brain Fitness Center, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Rodney Stoops, Administrator, Providence Place Retirement Community

Alvaro Fernandez, CEO, SharpBrains



You can Learn More and Register HERE. Please note that early-bird rates are avail­able now and until April 30th.

We hope many of you can join us and contribute to what we believe will be the most valuable and stimulating Summit so far,


PS1: Will your organization be interested in becoming a Summit Sponsor or Exhibitor? Please learn more Here.

PS2: Will your organization be interested in becoming a Summit Partner? Please learn more Here.

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