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Grand Rounds: Best of Health and Medical Blogging

Welcome to a new edition of Grand Rounds blog carnival, the weekly edition of what’s best in the health and medical blogosphere. This week, twenty four bloggers share data, insights, questions, reflections and more. Enjoy!

On Improving Care

Dr. Robert Orenstein at ACP Hospitalist: thoroughly cleaning patient’s rooms can dramatically reduce healthcare-acquired infections (HAI).

Dr. Walter van den Broek at ShockMDavailability bias is one reason for diagnostic errors– which is why consulting super specialists too early is not without risk.

Marcus Escobedo at the John A. Hartford Foundation’s blog: are tomorrow’s doctors learning what they’ll need to know to care for an aging population?

Steven Grossman at FDAzilla: should the FDA enforce the highest standards, or not?

Bob Vineyard at InsureBlog:  will Walmart revolutionize primary healthcare services?

Alvaro Fernandez at SharpBrains: when will main players in behavioral and mental health realize that enhancing brain functionality is a critical outcome?

On Health IT

David Williams at Health Business Blog: here’s an interview with the former head of the Office of National Coordinator of Health IT on why the 21st century is the electronic age, and why medicine can’t isolate itself.

Dr. Steve Daviss at Clinical Psychiatry News blog:  on why an iPad loaded with electronic health records (EHRs) will become”the new black bag”.

David Harlow at HealthBlawg: will more proactive enforcement of the HIPAA privacy, security and breach notification rules change the facts on the ground?

On Health Information

Jessie Gruman, PhD, at What It Takes blog: unfortunately, public reporting on health care quality is still too geared toward those in the industry, instead of the public at large.

Dr. Elaine Schattner at Medical Lessons: No doubt you can engage the public via anecdotes, but what if those anecdotes are more misleading than inspiring?

Louise at Colorado Health Insurance Insider: being a savvy healthcare consumer is tougher than it sounds.

Pascale Michelon, PhD, at SharpBrains: may biofeedback and brain training help prevent depression?

On Health

Dr. Val Jones at GetBetterHealth: why physicians and parents should protest Delta Airlines’ decision to ignore the American Academy of Pediatrics’ warning letter and continue to show anti-vaccine videos.

Dr. Gary Small at SharpBrains: what does a neuroscientist do to enhance his own memory and brain fitness (nope, not ginkgo biloba).

Dr. Aaron Beck at Beck Institute blog: on the synergistic effect of medication and cognitive therapy.

ACP Internist: may no-smoking rules be inadvertently placing patients at risk?

Jerome Schultz, PhD, at SharpBrains: can stress change brain chem­istry and there­fore brain func­tion?

On Doctors

Edwin Leap, MD: “the great gift of medicine in general, is that it introduces us to loss early in life… The terrible thing, the beautiful thing, is the way we can become better and more compassionate by our proximity to pain”.

Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD, at SciAm: If core mental abilities for great performance can be identified and developed, why don’t we pay more attention?

Dr. Charles: here are the winners of the  The Charles Prize for Poetry, selected from over 150 poems entered.

White Turk: why “Intensive Care Unit is a lot easier to take if you stop taking yourself seriously and start to see how ridiculous everything is.


Tara Smith, Ph.D. at Aetiology: does bestiality increases risk of penile cancer?

And that’s it for today. Learned anything new? Please share your impressions via social media buttons below.

Next week’s Grand Rounds will be hosted at DiabetesMine (have you heard about the blue circle?).

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5 Responses

  1. hgstern says:

    Great job, Alvaro! Lean, mean and clean – very well done.

    Thanks for hosting, and for including our post.

  2. My pleasure, Henry!

    “Lean, mean and clean”: a great objective for the whole field 🙂

  3. Thanks, Alvaro, for this sharply-packaged edition!

  4. Dr. Val says:

    Great pithy edition! Thanks for hosting. 😉

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