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Scientia Pro Publica: Answers to 28 popular and not-so-popular questions

Wel­come to the XL edi­tion of Sci­en­tia Pro Pub­lica (or, since we are try­ing to speak Eng­lish, the 40th edi­tion of “Sci­ence for the Peo­ple”), the rotat­ing blog car­ni­val that show­cases the finest sci­ence, med­ical and envi­ron­ment writ­ing pub­lished in the blo­gos­phere.

Quick now — ask a ques­tion, any ques­tion, that comes to mind. Chances are some­one in this excel­lent ros­ter of sci­ence blog­gers has antic­i­pat­ed it and pro­vid­ed an answer below. Enjoy!

About our­selves

  1. Why do I feel bet­ter after I exer­cise (pic: brain­blog­ger)
  2. Can thought­ful blog­ging and read­ing build brain reserve and delay demen­tia
  3. What’s the bor­der­line between high and low func­tion­ing — autism research exam­ples
  4. Can we learn to mul­ti-task more effec­tive­ly
  5. Should you mind your brain

About our bod­ies

  1. Are there legal ways to increase testos­terone lev­els
  2. What real­ly is a tumour (pic: Jeff Wolf)
  3. Is match­ing blood types crit­i­cal for bone mar­row trans­plants

About mind-body con­nec­tions

  1. Can I man­age my med­ica­tion for opti­mal sex­u­al life (pic:
  2. How do psy­cho­log­i­cal vari­ables impact brain pain recov­ery
  3. Is it a good (and com­pas­sion­ate) idea for doc­tors to wear white coats
  4. Does West­ern Style Diet Increase Risk of ADHD

About our peers

  1. Can whales do cool stuff oth­er than com­mu­ni­ca­tion, intel­li­gence, and cud­dly things
  2. What can we learn from sea anemones and from Find­ing Nemo?
  3. Do rat­tlesnakes (and peer review­ers) deserve the bad rep they get
  4. What exact­ly is that fuzzy lay­er of sed­i­ment in the pond (pic: fish­pond fever)

About our liv­ing spaces — and their strug­gles

  1. What’s NASA crash­ing into next, and why (pic: Q space)
  2. Can nanofi­bre paint in hos­pi­tals kill MRSA
  3. Is the rate of envi­ron­men­tal change too high for the reef ecosys­tems to adapt to
  4. Why the “forests and grass­lands” of the sea are steadi­ly dying
  5. Are we look­ing at sum­mers with an ice-free Arc­tic Ocean
  6. What toolk­it does con­ser­va­tion biol­o­gy have to study and hope­ful­ly inter­vene in all this

About sci­ence itself

  1. What every stu­dent should learn about sci­ence, and how
  2. Should they also get sneak peaks at real­i­ty
  3. What are the per­ils of selec­tion bias in psy­cho­log­i­cal research
  4. What is the link between art and sci­ence (pic: N Shan­er, P Stein­bach, R Tsien, BioArt. Wikipedia Com­mons)
  5. Cow­pea B301’s back sto­ry: col­lab­o­ra­tion-fuelled serendip­i­ty
  6. Will blog­ging and oth­er dig­i­tal tools accel­er­ate that serendip­i­ty

And that´s it for today.

Good news: giv­en the grow­ing amount of entries received, Sci­en­tia Pro Pub­li­ca is turn­ing week­ly, at least for a while. What does this mean? Two things: 1) next edi­tion, host­ed by Deep Thoughts and Silli­ness, will go live  next Mon­day, Octo­ber 4th, 2) the Car­ni­val needs more hosts!

To send sub­mis­sions to the next issue , please use this auto­mat­ed sub­mis­sion form, mak­ing sure to include the URL or “perma­link”, the essay title and a brief sum­ma­ry. To vol­un­teer to be a host, please send an email to Sci­en­tiaBlog­Car­ni­val at

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    Thank you for this excel­lent resource of infor­ma­tion!

  2. roberto says:

    me ha pare­ci­do muy opor­tuno este tono dis­ten­di­do mez­clan­dose con temas más pro­fun­dos.

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