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Innovation: Get Therapy through your iPhone

Excellent article about an emerging “small revolution” in mental health care:

Marientina Gotsis, media lab manager at USC, started thinking about designing apps with therapeutic potential when she realized that her phone had joined her wallet and keys on the small list of things she never left home without. “It’s what keeps people connected, functional, feeling safe and entertained. So why not use what people hold on to close to deliver behavioral interventions?”

It’s the kind of innovation that Kathleen Carroll, a psychology professor at Yale, says may be a “small revolution” in mental health care. These apps are part of the “brain fitness” industry, a category that includes computerized memory exercises and cognitive-impairment assessment programs, and that SharpBrains, a company that analyzes the industry, estimates to have grown 35 percent in 2009, to $295 million.

The idea of getting counseling from a computer or smartphone may seem strange, but it’s been in the works for years. In 2006, the British National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence recommended two programs, Fear Fighter and Beating the Blues, as first-line treatments for mild-to-moderate anxiety and depression.

Full article deserves reading: Get Therapy through your iPhone (The Daily Beast)

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