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Marian C. Diamond to open SharpBrains Summit

What a better opening for our January SharpBrains Summit than to have Marian C. Diamond, one of the pioneers of neuroplasticity research since the 1960s, introduce us to the human brain, its anatomy and function, and implications from neuroplasticity for brain health and performance at any age.

marian_diamondMarian C. Diamond, Ph.D., is Professor of Neuroscience and Anatomy at UC-Berkeley  and one of the world’s foremost researchers on neuroplasticity and enrichment since the 1960s . She is author of more than 100 scientific articles and three books, including Enriching Heredity (Free Press/Simon and Schuster, 1988) and The Magic Trees of the Mind (Plume, 1999). In particular, she is interested in studying the effects of the external environment, aging, and immune responses on the cerebral neocortex.

You can read a number of her public education essays online:

To learn more sharpbrains_summit_logo_webabout the agenda of the SharpBrains Summit and the incredible roster of speakers who have agreed to participate in this important event, click on SharpBrains Summit.

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