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Brainy Haikus for brain training

Thank you to every­one who has writ­ten so many fun haikus over the sum­mer (fol­low­ing the post Top 25 Brain and Mind Haikus. Yours?). These are the 10 I have enjoyed the haikus brainmost:

(Also, Can you write a haiku describ­ing any­thing cross­ing your mind now? Remem­ber the sim­ple rules: write 3 lines, which don’t need to rhyme, con­tain­ing 5,7, and 5 syl­la­bles. You can leave your haiku as a com­ment below for extra points…)

Top 10 Brainy Haikus — enjoy!

- Amit:

Love, col­lege, career.
A new world of tran­si­tions.
Will I sur­vive? Yes.

- Kathy:

My release tech­nique,
For­give, for­get, love all,
Med­i­tate on that!

- Alan:

Through the micro­scope,
slice of brain stains pink and blue,
the won­der of thought.

- Justin:

Justin the genieus
Must spell check the word genius
to post this Haiku

- Tim:

writ­ing quick haiku
seems so very dif­fi­cult
can i pull it off

- Mer­cury:

Seek­ing brain fit­ness.
Am I haiku-focus­ing,
or just dis­tract­ed?

- Kalsang:

My fin­gers tap­ping,
I chant out five, sev­en, five.
Is this new music?

- LW:

body aching now,
yoga isn’t so easy,
good for you they say?

- Emma:

You think yoga’s bad?
Try Aiki­do my good friend.
Knack­ers your shoul­ders.

- CJ:

Rain Stormy Boomer
Sew­er Back­ing To My Door
Is Insur­ance Paid?


In case you want to read more, below you have many more haikus con­tributed dur­ing the year:

- Techne, the philoso­pher, won­ders:

Solve the big ques­tions:
How do I know when I know?
Who knows the know­er?


- Steve, the envi­ron­men­tal­ist, requests:


Neu­ro­plas­tic good.
Plas­tic, though lasts for­ev­er.
Always recy­cle!


- GTB, the skep­tic, says


Haiku’s are easy
But some­times they don’t make sense

- Mil­lie, spir­i­tu­al, sug­gests:


Play­ing music feeds
my soul while read­ing music
nur­tures my old brain.

- Mark, the opti­mist, reflects:


I thought I did well
Then I reviewed my answers
I am retard


- jolovli, the boomer, tries again:


improv­ing func­tion
smoked too much weed in col­lege
it’s nev­er too late


- Lloyd, the stressed-out, vol­un­teers:


I thought so damn Hard.
My brain built lots of pres­sure.
I fart­ed out loud.


- Ter­ry says:


New infor­ma­tion
Syn­the­siz­ing my knowl­edge
A for­ward move­ment


- Frank says:


Painful­ly easy
Sig­nif­i­cant­ly hard­er
Men­tal stim­u­lus

- Chuck says:


This was fun, and no,
I don’t intend to haiku.
Thanks for post­ing it

- Sarah says:


find­ing your teasers
added fun to my morn­ing,
helped wake my brain up


- Lor­raine says:


teach­ing math is fun
when you find great resources
sharp brains is the place


- Psalm says


As my mind expands,
it grasps new ideas…oh look
there’s some­thing shiny!!


- anon writes


the noon hour por­tends
a bur­ri­to with sal­sa
bright­en­ing my tongue


- Mike says


See I think I see
Here now, not so — real­ly real?
Wound­ed, mind leaves me


- Lisa


new thoughts acti­vate
frontal lobe work hard, hard­er
no senil­i­ty


- Karen


Brain train­ing oth­ers
Like watch­ing the Earth open
One thought at a time


- Bruce


My brain stem works hard,
But the tests are much hard­er,
Need more grey mat­ter


- Alvaro


Can per­form bet­ter,
Learn­ing, train­ing, and prac­tice
Body, brain and mind


- ter­ri


strokes take speech away
some­one should find a quick fix
every­one needs to speak


- qt


Aha, a chal­lenge
for the brain to endeav­our
soon­er than lat­er


- Sta­cy


Brain hurts so bad­ly
Work­ing night shift: not so fun
Need to get some sleep


- camper­court


It is morn­ing now
The sun rose very ear­ly
Good­morn­ing to you


- kestrel


first white is pur­ple

or it was red I think

now haiku, what next?


- Stacey


I thought is was fun.
Then it got a lot hard­er.
Wow i suck at this.


- anon


oh boy I won­der
will my tee­ny lit­tle ears
still hear loud thun­der

of course it is true
the afore­men­tioned thun­der
came out of the blue

from the blue you say
I think per­haps you are wrong
but it’s still okay


- Steve:


Accoun­tan­t’s cull.
Farewell to long-time work-mates.
Too real for haiku!


- Gail:


Old women gath­er
Seek­ing change is the power/
Thanks to grand­moth­ers


- Robert:


My brain is just fried.
I used it too much this week.
I need some Sponge­bob.


- Shel­ley:


An infi­nite mind
Expan­sive, con­scious, know­ing
Alert and aware


- Jet:


Haiku to you too
Now is for­ev­er, now is
Now is now to you


- Jack:


Cool death match: face off
Wer­nick­e’s area and
Bro­ca’s Region.


Yours, please?

(Remem­ber the sim­ple rules: write 3 lines, which don’t need to rhyme, con­tain­ing 5, 7, and 5  syl­la­bles. You can leave your haiku as a com­ment below for extra points…)


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44 Responses

  1. Carol the courteous says:

    Win­ter Rem­e­dy

    Blus­tery, dark,
    Log in fire­place,
    soup on stove,
    Book, cat, lap­top.

  2. Darren says:

    sit­ting at my desk
    wait­ing for the yule­tide fun
    just one hour to go

  3. Bill says:

    Strange Log­ic:

    I know one plus one,
    since one can’t live for­ev­er,
    one must become two.

  4. FemiNina says:

    sis­ter has hit Dee’s
    We know she’s gone from los­ing
    her soul blows cold-ward

  5. cipher says:

    sit­ting, think­ing
    con­tem­plat­ing what
    at a lost 4

  6. Jglauser says:

    time to return
    anoth­er year begin­ning
    what will hap­pen now?

  7. mindgrep says:

    count­ing syl­la­bles
    one two three four five six oops
    sev­en threw count off

  8. Lionel says:

    life, a great jour­ney
    I won­der where I will go
    a des­ti­na­tion

  9. scott says:

    man, i am thirsty
    I won­der whats in the fridge?
    ah theres some juice, cool

  10. Carla says:

    Think­ing pos­i­tive,
    Gen­er­ates nat­ur­al highs,
    Reju­ve­nates brain

  11. Thank you every­one,
    for becom­ing so engaged,
    in writ­ing haikus!

  12. Susie says:

    my stu­dents teach me

    oodles more than I teach them

    I am in their debt

  13. Nora Firestone says:

    grat­i­tude fuel­ing

    per­pet­u­al machine for

    fuel­ing grat­i­tude

  14. Cheryl says:

    just found sharp brains site,

    can’t wait to learn, grow and share,

    count bless­ings, give thanks.

  15. NORTANT says:



  16. Shigeo says:

    Any­thing will do

    As long as you fol­low rules

    to expand your mind

  17. Bon5ire says:

    I have to admit
    I’m not as smart as I thought
    But now there’s a chance

  18. Shano says:

    Oh my brain
    Please stop with that
    Guys are watch­ing!!

  19. Tyl says:

    Dying of bore­dom
    Dur­ing Ramadan is fun
    To some but not me.

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