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#15. Top fun and brainy Haikus. Yours?

haikus brainReaders have contributed a good number of haikus on brain-related topics. Below you have our favorite ones.

Our favorite fun and brainy Haikus

– Techne, the philosopher, wonders:

Solve the big questions:
How do I know when I know?
Who knows the knower?

– Steve, the environmentalist, requests:

Neuroplastic good.
Plastic, though lasts forever.
Always recycle!

– GTB, the skeptic, says

Haiku’s are easy
But sometimes they don’t make sense

– Millie, the spiritual, suggests:

Playing music feeds
my soul while reading music
nurtures my old brain.

– Mark, the optimist, reflects:

I thought I did well
Then I reviewed my answers
I am retard

– jolovli, the boomer, tries again:

improving function
smoked too much weed in college
it’s never too late

– Lloyd, the stressed-out, volunteers:

I thought so damn Hard.
My brain built lots of pressure.
I farted out loud.

Enjoy many other good ones:

– Terry says:

New information
Synthesizing my knowledge
A forward movement

– Frank says:

Painfully easy
Significantly harder
Mental stimulus

– Chuck says:

This was fun, and no,
I don’t intend to haiku.
Thanks for posting it

– Sarah says:

finding your teasers
added fun to my morning,
helped wake my brain up

– Lorraine says:

teaching math is fun
when you find great resources
sharp brains is the place

– Psalm says

As my mind expands,
it grasps new ideas…oh look
there’s something shiny!!

– anon writes

the noon hour portends
a burrito with salsa
brightening my tongue

– Mike says

See I think I see
Here now, not so – really real?
Wounded, mind leaves me

– Lisa

new thoughts activate
frontal lobe work hard, harder
no senility

– Karen

Brain training others
Like watching the Earth open
One thought at a time

– Bruce

My brain stem works hard,
But the tests are much harder,
Need more grey matter

– Alvaro

Can perform better,
Learning, training, and practice
Body, brain and mind

– terri

strokes take speech away
someone should find a quick fix
everyone needs to speak

– qt

Aha, a challenge
for the brain to endeavour
sooner than later

– Stacy

Brain hurts so badly
Working night shift: not so fun
Need to get some sleep

– campercourt

It is morning now
The sun rose very early
Goodmorning to you

– kestrel

first white is purple

or it was red I think

now haiku, what next?

– Stacey

I thought is was fun.
Then it got a lot harder.
Wow i suck at this.

– anon

oh boy I wonder
will my teeny little ears
still hear loud thunder

of course it is true
the aforementioned thunder
came out of the blue

from the blue you say
I think perhaps you are wrong
but it’s still okay

Yours , please?


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24 Responses

  1. Shelley says:

    An infinite mind
    Expansive, conscious,knowing
    Alert and aware

  2. Amit says:

    What was crossing my mind now:

    Love, college, career.
    A new world of transitions.
    Will I survive? Yes.

  3. Kathy says:

    My release technique,
    Forgive, forget, love all,
    Meditate on that!

  4. Alan Julian says:

    Through the microscope,
    slice of brain stains pink and blue,
    the wonder of thought.

  5. jet says:

    Haiku to you too
    Now is forever,now is
    Now is now to you

  6. Jack says:

    Cool death match: face off
    Wernicke’s area and
    Broca’s Region.

  7. Patricia Heck says:

    My fingers tapping,
    I chant out five, seven, five.
    Is this new music?


  8. L.W. says:

    body aching now,
    yoga isn’t so easy,
    good for you they say?

  9. Steve Merrick says:

    Accountant’s cull.
    Farewell to long-time work-mates.
    Too real for haiku!

  10. gail pacifica says:

    Old women gather
    Seeking change is the power/
    Thanks to grandmothers

  11. Emma says:

    You think yoga’s bad?
    Try Aikido my good friend.
    Knackers your shoulders.

  12. Alvaro says:

    thank you all…this is fun.

  13. Cj Murphy says:

    Rain Stormy Boomer
    Sewer Backing To My Door
    Is Insurance Paid?

  14. Robert says:

    My brain is just fried.
    I used it too much this week.
    I need some Spongebob.

  15. Justin the Genius says:

    Justin the genieus
    Must spell check the word genius
    to post this Haiku

  16. tim says:

    writing quick haiku
    seems so very difficult
    can i pull it off

  17. mercury mind says:

    Seeking brain fitness.
    Am I haiku-focusing,
    or just distracted?

  18. Lisa says:

    My mind was thoughtfilled –
    Until I started writing.
    Now the mind is blank.

  19. thoughts flying around
    I pin them down
    on paper
    all organized now

  20. benedict says:

    Sought life’s comfort
    Wasted off with regret
    now sinking in sweat

  21. benedict says:

    The gas burns
    The car runs
    The ice melts down

  22. Kevin A says:

    Sweat pours off my face
    Global warming, sun too close?
    Nah, I’m just hot stuff

  23. Kevin A says:

    Schwartzenegger is
    The Procrastinator
    I’ll kill you… later

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