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We had an infor­ma­tive webi­nar this Tues­day, dis­cussing the State of the Brain Fit­ness Soft­ware Brain Fitness Market Reportmar­ket today, based on the find­ings in our Mar­ket Report. In case you missed it, you can find below a link to check out and down­load the Pow­er­Point slides I pre­sent­ed (just the visu­als, with­out audio) to cov­er these areas:

1- The Four Pil­lars for Brain Health

2- Cog­ni­tive Abil­i­ties can Be Ass­esed and Trained

3- An emerg­ing field, and poised to grow

4- A con­fus­ing play­er land­scape. Think “What For”, not “Best”.

Link: State of the Brain Fit­ness Soft­ware Mar­ket 2008

Please remem­ber that we have 2 upcom­ing webi­na­rs, and you can still register!:

Webi­nar #2: In “Brain Rules for Think­ing Smarter,” John Med­i­na, devel­op­men­tal Brain Rules-John Medinamol­e­c­u­lar biol­o­gist and author of Brain Rules: 12 Prin­ci­ples for Striv­ing and Thriv­ing at Work, Home, and School will empha­size the impor­tance of phys­i­cal exer­cise, stress man­age­ment and avoid­ing mul­ti­task­ing altogether.
— Tar­get audi­ence: Any­one who wants to learn more about brain health and performance.
— More infor­ma­tion: The Sci­ence of Think­ing Smarter, by John Medina.
— Date and time: Tues­day June 3rd, 2pm EDT/ 11am PDT
Reg­is­ter: Here

Webi­nar #3: In “The Sci­ence and Prac­tice of Brain Fit­ness,” I will Brain Fitness 101 eGuidepro­vide an overview of the Brain 101, lat­est research find­ings and impli­ca­tions for how to improve brain health and per­for­mance based on my class­es and speak­ing engagements.
— Tar­get audi­ence: Any­one who wants to learn more about brain health and performance
— Date and time: Tues­day June 10th, 2pm EDT/ 11am PDT
Reg­is­ter: Here

I hope you find this series stimulating.


  1. Ginger Kenney on May 30, 2008 at 12:53

    I reg­is­tered for the June 3rd Webi­nar but closed the page with my unique link before I entered it into Out­look. Can you for­ward it, or should I re-register?

  2. Caroline on May 30, 2008 at 2:39

    Gin­ger, you will receive an auto­mat­ic reminder on Mon­day morn­ing, with the need­ed access infor­ma­tion. You need to ensure you see that email (some­times they go to Junk folders).

    If you have any prob­lem, email us: sup­port at sharp­brains dot com

  3. Robert on June 10, 2008 at 11:56

    P‑l-e-a-s‑e post spe­cif­ic instruc­tions for the Webi­na­rs! I signed up and received a link that sup­plied visu­al but no audio.
    Nowhere was I told that the audio MUST be by tele­phone. Why was there no audio avail­able online to elim­i­nate the telephone?

    Are the Webi­nar audios archived for retre­vial, please? If no audio is avail­able, per­haps a transcript?

    You offer such a won­der­ful ser­vice it is unfor­tu­nate that it has been so dif­fi­cult and incom­plete to inter­act with.

    I teach 128 stu­dents that would be delight­ed to join you but I will have to have bet­ter results in order to rec­om­mend their participation.

    Your reply would be great­ly appreciated.


    Robert L. Bayliss

  4. Alvaro on June 11, 2008 at 9:56

    Hel­lo Robert,

    I am sor­ry the instruc­tions weren’t clear. Webi­na­rs always have both a visu­al and a sep­a­rate audio com­po­nent (you can either call using a phone or some web-based sys­tem such as Skype).

    The webi­nar plat­form we are using has some tech­ni­cal lim­i­ta­tions that pre­vent us from doing some things we’d like to do. We are eval­u­at­ing oth­er webi­nar sys­tems for future series.

    We don’t offer a tran­script, but do share the Pow­er­Point slides used. Will post the link shortly.

    Thank you for your inter­est! we are doing our best to con­tin­u­al­ly learn and improve.

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