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Encephalon: Briefing the Next US President on Neuroscience & Psychology

Dear Mr or Mrs Next US President,

We are glad to welcome you to our blog carnival. After a short hiatus, Encephalon is backScience Debate 2008 and gathering steam. We have prepared this “revival” edition just for you, so you can be well informed and impress us all during the upcoming Sciencedebate 2008.

Without further ado, let’s proceed to the questions posed by 24 bloggers on neuroscience and psychology issues. We hope they provide, at the very least, good mental stimulation for you and your advisors.

Big Questions

Do I deserve to vote even if I don’t have Free Will? (Marc at Neuroscientifically Challenged).

If culture sculpts our brains, what can our brains do to refine our culture first? (Stephanie at Brains On Purpose).

Is God more than a flying brain? (Jessica at bioephemera).

Is Your brain really reading This? (Pete at Brain Hammer).

A Few Intrusive Questions

Do you play any musical instrument? (Megan at SharpBrains).

What exactly is your field of expertise? what will your brain focus on? (Dave at Cognitive Daily).

Are your voter conditioning efforts paying off so far? (Jake at Pure Pedantry).

Can you generate new solutions to existing problems? (Pascale at SharpBrains).

Would you mind if we classify your face? (Johan at Phineas Gage Fan Club).

Emerging Science & Tech

How Strong is the research support for Neurofeedback? (David at SharpBrains).

Just FYI-new brain-computer interfaces: the dream of every micromanager (Mo, at Neurophilosopher).

Can driving-related cognitive skills be trained? policy implications? (Alvaro at SharpBrains).

How Science Is Done

May double-blind peer review help women scientists get their share? (Cognition and Language Lab).

How Science Informs Health Policy

One more time: there is no proven link between autism and vaccination, correct? (Kevin at Brain Blogger).

Will the FDA, or another agency, help evaluate this miracle cure for Alzheimer’s? or was it for obesity? (Neurocritic).

Does cannabis use affect the brain? (Stephen at Quintessence of Dust).

Can we build More parks to reduce drug abuse? (Sandy at Mouse Trap).

Will we soon have a genetic screen for Parkinson’s susceptibility (Chris at Ouroboros).

Stress, PTSD, Depression

Is PTSD a useful label? (Vaughan at MindHacks).

You manage stress and presure well, don’t you? (Gregory at SharpBrains).

Will this become standard depression treatment 20 years from now? (Jill at SharpBrains).

Why have psychology and the CIA have a love-hate affair? (Jeremy at Advances in the History of Psychology).

Dear Mr or Mrs Next US President, we hope you have enjoyed this briefing. If you want to keep reading future Encephalon editions, simply consult the new Encephalon Blog Carnival home page, and find out where it will be hosted every other week.

Of course, we’d welcome your submissions too. Feel free to email your blog posts to encephalon{dot}host{at}gmail{dot}com, for the March 3rd edition, which Vaughan will host at Mind Hacks.

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8 Responses

  1. Deb says:

    Fantastic to see Encephalon back.

  2. Sandra Kiume says:

    Wonderful work, Alvaro.

  3. Alvaro says:

    Thank you Deb and Sandra. Please send your good submissions to the next editions (Sandra, why not video too?)!

  4. Chris says:

    Great to see Another edition of Encaphalon.We all are glad to see all the hard work you put into it. Thank you.

  5. Alvaro says:

    Glad you enjoyed it, Chris!

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