Brain Fitness June Blog Carnival


Wel­come to the June 18, 2007 edi­tion of brain fit­ness. We hope you will enjoy some of the great posts below! We are hap­py to see a broad­er inter­est in the top­ic since we launched the car­ni­val in Jan­u­ary-thanks to every­one involved.


Education and Professional Development

Brett Steen­barg­er presents a great 3‑part series titled Trade Like a Scientist‑ The Sci­en­tif­ic Mind­set post­ed at Trader­Feed.

Michael Krotchie presents Visu­al­iz­ing your way to suc­cess! post­ed at Tuc­son Real Estate News Straight From the Old Pueblo, say­ing, “Visu­al­iz­ing your way to success!”

Stephanie presents Two gifts for you on the ‘net: One on Neu­roLead­er­ship and the oth­er on sto­ry­telling post­ed at ide­alawg

Scott presents Top Five Things That Stress Col­lege Stu­dents Out post­ed at Col­lege and Finance.



Sha­heen Lakhan presents The Evi­dence for Neu­ro­log­i­cal­ly Deter­mined Anorex­ia Ner­vosa Behav­ioral Pat­terns post­ed at GNIF Brain Blog­ger.

CT Today presents Research Results: More Cog­ni­tive Ther­a­py Stud­ies than We can Keep Up With post­ed at Beck Insti­tute’s Blog

Christo­pher Depel­teau presents The Chron­ic Seizure Disorder.….….Epilepsy post­ed at MRI LINKS AND OTHER COOL THINGS, say­ing, “There has always been a sort of stig­ma about seizures, dat­ing far back into our his­to­ry. Peo­ple thought that patients expe­ri­en­ce­ing seizures were possesed.”

Talia Mana presents Sleep Dis­or­der Mis­di­ag­nosed as men­tal ill­ness, fibromyal­gia, alien abduc­tions! post­ed at Cen­tre for Emo­tion­al Well-Being, say­ing, “The sto­ry about how my sleep­ing dis­or­der got mis­di­ag­nosed for almost 20 years”


Health and Wellness

Bar­bra Sundquist presents Spend Time with Peo­ple Who Appre­ci­ate You post­ed at

James Bish­op presents Dim bulb or bright light? post­ed at Find­ing Opti­mism.

Senia Maymin presents The A.P.E. Method to Get Out of a Bad Mood post­ed at Pos­i­tive Psy­chol­o­gy News Dai­ly.

Fit­Buff presents I Can’t Sleep! — 4 Com­mon Caus­es of Insom­nia post­ed at’s Total Mind and Body Fit­ness Blog, say­ing, “Almost every­one, includ­ing myself, has had or is hav­ing trou­ble sleep­ing. Remem­ber what it felt like to wake up feel­ing com­plete­ly refreshed and eager to start the day? This arti­cle will help you iden­ti­fy the four most com­mon caus­es of your insom­nia AND what you can do to start sleep­ing more peace­ful­ly TONIGHT!”

Hueina Su presents Home­com­ing to You: Re-con­nect­ing with Your Authen­tic Self post­ed at Inten­sive Care for the Nur­tur­er’s Soul, say­ing, “Learn­ing to love & con­nect with your Authen­tic Self is crit­i­cal in rela­tion­ships. When­ev­er we say we should or must do some­thing or feel/behave in a cer­tain way, we are judg­ing our­selves. We are say­ing that there is some­thing wrong with what­ev­er we are cur­rent­ly feeling/doing, and that’s why we need to change (for some­one else’s sake). When you judge your­self this way, either con­scious­ly or uncon­scious­ly, on a reg­u­lar basis, you are deny­ing your Authen­tic Self, and dam­ag­ing your self-esteem. Here are some steps you can take to re-con­nect with your Authen­tic Self.”

Vahid Chay­chi presents What Boosts Mem­o­ry in Chil­dren and Adults post­ed at


News about the Field

Alvaro Fer­nan­dez (who’s this?) presents Brain Fit­ness Pro­gram: eval­u­a­tion check­list post­ed at Sharp­Brains.


Personal stories and techniques

Karen Halls presents How to Over­come Pain Pill Addic­tion post­ed at Addic­tion Recov­ery Blog.

Karl Staib presents Per­spec­tivism post­ed at Karl Staib.

Fit­Buff presents How I Lift­ed 50 Pounds with My Mind post­ed at’s Total Mind and Body Fit­ness Blog, say­ing, “Fas­ci­nat­ing sto­ry of a first­hand expe­ri­ence of “mind over mat­ter” — 50x25= 1,250 pounds of it, to be exact!”


Brain Teasers

anan­ga presents 5 Clas­sic Brain Bal­anc­ing Games post­ed at Anan­ga Sivy­er’s Liv­ing by Design Blog.


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