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Customer Satisfaction Survey/ Tech Museum Awards

We usually spend more time in this blog talking about brain fitness science, programs and trends than talking about people. Today we are going to change that, since we have been receiving great feedback from a number of sources. While we still need to improve a lot, we can start to see the results of what we do in our “brain fitness center”. And we couldn’t be happier about the nomination this week of Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg and myself, as SharpBrains cofounders, for The Tech Museum Awards – Technology Benefiting Humanity, in the Health category.

I. Anonymous Feedback from an online survey of our online store customers

  • 58% respondents are Very Satisfied, and 42% Satisfied, with the products and services they chose. I promise that there were more options (Dissatisfied, Very Dissatisfied)
  • “As a trader, I really need to sustain attention for long periods. Your program (here) has been eye-opening and very helpful.”
  • “I LOVE the program! It is fun, challenges me and gives me hope for improving in the areas where I have limitations. Staff support & educational information has been great. It is very important to be able to talk to someone about the questions or process problems that we experience…your member on-line site gives us the opportunity to get answers & needed support. Thanks for all you are doing. My husband and I love getting feedback about our progress…it is a very positive experience!”
  • “Keep developing programs so when we finish doing the MindFit (here) program there will be another one to build upon the first! I am impressed at how well your programs are individualized. Good Job to all involved!”
  • “Good, I enjoy the games (here) and I can tell a difference in my memory and overall awareness.”

II. Feedback about our Stress Management for Peak Performance workshop (here)

  • Accenture: 46 percent of survey respondents Strongly Agreed that they “gained practical skills and knowledge they could start using immediately.” 69 percent Strongly Agreed “faculty was knowledgeable and well informed.” – Survey of participants at Accenture’s International Women’s Day
  • Cisco Systems: “The SharpBrains brain exercise workshop was one of the most enlightening and fun team-building activities we have had. I also love the tools (here) that help me apply the stress management skills we were taught” – Manager, Cisco Systems

III. Anonymous Feedback from from students in our February-March Exercising Our Brains Class at San Francisco State University

  • 84% agree with “I would recommend this class to others”
  • “This was great fun and full of helpful insights, particularly given some caregiving responsibilities I have at this time”
  • “Very engaging class. The instructor knows the information very well, encourages and responds to student comments and questions with care and insight”

Our Exercise Your Brain DVD is based on a brief workshop based on this class. We will announce shortly the details for the Train-the-Trainer program for instructors interested in teaching this class in other locations.

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