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MindFit Corporate and Freeze-Framer for Memory and Brain Fitness

Cognitive training and stress management, MindFit and Freeze-Framer (or emWave): two complementary sides of Brain Fitness.

Research shows that adults can and should take care of their brains, both for short-term and long-term benefits. Through brain exercise we can improve our overall cognitive function right now—making quick decisions, staying calm and focused under pressure, and multitasking effectively. Over time, we may not reduce our brain age, but we can build up a cognitive reserve to buffer against age-related cognitive decline or other progressive diseases. Short term and long term, we all want to lead productive, successful lives.

Any good brain fitness program must provide you a variety of new challenges over time. While recreational activities like bridge, sudoku, and crossword puzzles can work our brain, only a comprehensive tool based in scientific research, like MindFit, can work your mental muscles systematically through a completely individualized training regimen for your precise cognitive level. MindFit focuses on life abilities such as: working memory, visual and auditory short term memory, planning (want to train your neocortex?), location memory, naming, time estimation, divided attention, and hand-eye coordination. MindFit Corporate is the same edition of MindFit which can be used by companies (please contact us if interested in learning more). 

Now, If the overarching goal of a brain fitness program is to increase neurogenesis, the creation of new neurons in your brain, then stress management is essential, as prolonged stress kills the very cells you are trying to grow. A biofeedback program, like Freeze-Framer, provides immediate feedback on how you’re doing at lowering your stress and maintaining your peak performance zone. The included sensor shows your heart rate variability in real time as you practice calming and focusing techniques. It’s easy to use and you can see the results immediately. After a few 10-minute sessions per week, you should be able to carry the skills you have learned into your office, home, gym, or athletic competition.

Concern for maintaining and improving existing cognitive functions, as well as slowing any age-related cognitive decline Our MindFit Brain Workout tests 14 different cognitive skills based on a personalized training regimen.
Work stress, family pressure, and anxiety over responsibilities in life Freeze-Framer teaches you to achieve physiological balance, mental clarity, and emotional stability.
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