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Science of Hypnosis: if you are in a trance, don’t read this

People in my Exercising Our Brains classes ask all kinds of fun questions. A typical one is about the scientific validation of hypnosis.

Well, I am very happy that MindHacks and Seed Magazine are coming to the rescue. MindHacks has a great post on Neuropsychology of hypnosis, that links to Seed’s Science finally tackles hypnosis: Neuroimaging studies may domesticate the long-controversial practice.

“The long-controversial practice of inducing a trancelike state through suggestion is getting a modern makeover by scientists armed with the latest neuroimaging tools and techniques. These researchers are beginning to offer evidence that, neurologically at least, hypnosis is entirely real.”

But, as MindHacks warns, “hypnosis actually increases the number of false memories recalled, rather than making remembering more accurate.”



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