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Clint Eastwood’s fountain of Youth: Learning

See this interview today.

Quote: “By 76, most directors have put their heavy lifting behind them, their pace slowing, the quality of their films waning. Not Clint Eastwood.”

Clint Eastwood: “My father always said you’ve got to keep learning, keep expanding or you will decline the other way. I’ve always adhered to that.”

Wise words. I would add that the journey of life means constant learning. That is what our brains need.

See some brain images that explain the process of learning a new skill, from what happens when we first encounter it, to what is going on while we are internalizing it in a transition mode, to what happens once it is familiar thanks to practice.

And what is Learning? you may enjoy this interview with neurobiologist and educator Dr. James Zull. Good night!

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  1. eleanor says:

    yes – coming at this from a human givens perspective, we would also say that this learning process is an essential human need – an absolute prerequisite for good mental health. Without this need for being stretched being fulfilled, you will, as clint eastwoods father puts it, “decline” and what this means is a higher likelihood of mental health problems like depression.

  2. Alvaro says:

    Hi Eleanor-may you could provide us with a summary of the “human givens perspective” some day? We enjoy learning 🙂

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