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#18. Mind teaser to exercise your frontal and parietal lobes

Let’s now exercise our frontal lobes (that deal with working memory and attention, among other things) and parietal lobes (visual interpretation).


1. Count the number of times the number “6” appears below (you may need to scroll down).

2. Then, count the total of both “3”s and “7”s, trying to add the total number of both as you see either (this is, don’t just count all the “3”s, and then the “7”s, but both at the same time)

1234467889974674657865876576576 3576573625432657346578436578342 2732188582735827456724687343828 7672878682768723682376783768267 2647648823178346432764876774653 7436574386581483627868653873465


The most important thing here is not to get the right answer, but to try. This type of exercise has been used by the military to improve attention for decades (now there are more advanced, computer-based, tools, but this keeps being fun).

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70 Responses

  1. Neethster says:

    I got 33 and 59.

  2. John says:

    If you normally read left to right, try counting finding the numbers scanning right to left… it will increase the accuracy. And, scanning from bottom to top (if you normally read top to bottom) will help you not skip lines.

  3. Birgi says:

    first I got 34 6es then I was count again and I got
    33 of 6es.
    I was got only
    27 of 3s and 7s at the same time.

  4. red says:


  5. Kayla says:

    I got exactly 33 and 59 sooo excited woohoo!!

  6. anne says:

    19 & 55

  7. anne says:

    19 & 55
    2nd try:
    33 & 55

  8. ana says:

    33 6s woo hoo!

    I read the instructions that we had to count the 3s and 7s individually but at the same time so to keep track I counted the 3s using numbers and the 7s using the alphabet… and came out with 23 3s and 36 7s = 59 total I’m shocked !!!

  9. DAVIS says:

    I got 33/ 3s.AND I ADDED AS I WENT THRU THE 3S AND 7S CAME UP W/ 332

  10. Susie says:

    Well, if I had been a soldier I would have missed one of the enemies named “3” and would have mistaken one of my own people as a “3” or a “7.” Not good in battle!

    I got 32 6’s. And I got 60 7&3’s. I tried it two different ways. First I tried visually matching 7’s and 3’s together to make 10’s so it would be easier to add. I found myself marking 7’s with my finger on the screen, though, since they were not evenly matched. Then I tried a different strategy which could technically be cheating, I suppose. As I came to a 3, I would name them in order such as 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, while also naming the 7’s aloud as I came to them, 7-1, 7-2, …by the end I was at 3-24 and 7-36. I then mentally added 24 + 36 = 60.
    So, I did them as I went, but separately, as well.

  11. Are D says:

    Nice exercise! But I’m a bit puzzled at something: In the text at the top of this page you say this task exercises the Frontal and Parietal lobe, and that the Parietal lobe deals with visual interpretation. I thought the Occipital lobe was the primary visual interpretation centre, and that the Parietal lobe mainly deals with sensory information. How come this isn’t an exercise mainly for the Frontal and the Occipital lobe?

  12. hides says:

    yeah, 33=6’s and 59=3’s + 7’s

  13. Willow says:

    I have a closed head injury and find the exercises a bit of a mental workout. Since I found your site I try and do a few exercises every day.

  14. lizzy says:

    6 = 29
    3 & 7 = 59

  15. Neeti says:

    33 and 59 !

  16. Abhishek says:

    33 and 59

  17. Saeed says:

    I got 32 and 58 not bad one way!

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