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Beating forgetfulness and boosting the brain

Very good article in MarketWatch titled Beating forgetfulness and boosting the brain. Probably the best we have seen so far providing an overall industry perspective on a nascent field. I recommend reading the whole article, but here you have some teasers:

  • “As boomers age, the drive to correct such discomfort has implications for health and wellness, employment and corporate training — even sports. It’s giving rise to a burgeoning business of brain-boosting products and services, as well as exploration into “cognitive enhancing” prescription drugs.”
  • “The market for brain-fitness software targeting U.S. adults is estimated to be $80 million to $100 million this year, up from $60 million last year and $2 million in 2005, according to SharpBrains, a San Francisco-based portal that helps individuals and companies navigate brain-training information, products and services.”
  • “It’s also easy to confuse age-related memory problems with the effects of undiagnosed depression or anxiety, which are reversible, said Dr. Gene Cohen, director of the Center on Aging, Health & Humanities at George Washington University Medical Center”
  • “The business of brain training started taking off after Nintendo introduced its Brain Age to the U.S. market last year, said Alvaro Fernandez, chief executive and co-founder of SharpBrains.”
  • “Brain fitness, in our view, is a lot broader than just healthy aging,” Fernandez said. The same concepts can be used to help kids with attention deficit disorders or people who want to improve their peripheral vision for the basketball court, he said. It also can help professionals manage stress.
  • “Most people don’t understand the relationship between stress and short-term memory,” he said, noting that the part of the brain that deals with anger and stress can overwhelm the part responsible for reasoning and decision-making. “For some people that’s the bottleneck.”
  • The good news is it’s never too late, Cohen said. “‘Use it or lose it’ has no end point in the life cycle.”

You can read the full article on VITAL SIGNS Beating forgetfulness and boosting the brain.

If you want a scientific perspective on what the article discusses, you’ll enjoy our recent interviews


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