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New report by the Institute of Medicine on cognitive health promotion

Title: Cog­ni­tive Aging: Progress in Under­stand­ing and Oppor­tu­ni­ties for Action

Report brief (opens PDF)

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Descrip­tion: Peo­ple for­get things—a name, where they put their keys, a phone number—and yet what is dis­missed as a minor incon­ve­nience at 25 years of age, can evolve into a momen­tary anx­i­ety at 35, and a major source of per­sonal worry at ages 55 or 60. For­get­ful­ness at older ages is often equated with a decline in Read the rest of this entry »

Brain training gains traction in Europe with Peak and Memorado funding rounds

brain training


Brain train­ing start-up Peak secures $7m Series A fund­ing (star­tups UK):

London-based brain train­ing app Peak has closed a $7m Series A round led by Cre­an­dum – known for its early invest­ment in Spo­tify – with par­tic­i­pa­tion from exist­ing investors Read the rest of this entry »

How mindfulness meditation is infiltrating the corporate world

mindful workI thought I’d read every­thing about mind­ful­ness, but this was news to me: Steve Jobs was a med­i­ta­tor. Back in 1981, long before mind­ful­ness med­i­ta­tion became a pop­u­lar sub­ject of sci­en­tific inquiry, Jobs, the cofounder and pub­lic face of Apple Com­put­ers, was already prac­tic­ing mind­ful­ness as a way to calm his mind, stay focused, and feel happier.

Accord­ing to David Gelles, busi­ness reporter for the New York Times, Jobs is not some lone outlier—the num­ber of busi­ness lead­ers embrac­ing mind­ful­ness is at an all time high, and grow­ing. To write his new book, Mind­ful Work: How Med­i­ta­tion Is Chang­ing Busi­ness from the Inside Out, Gelles trav­eled the coun­try, talk­ing to Read the rest of this entry »

Next: Is it a videogame, or an FDA-approved medical treatment?



Play This Video Game and Call Me in the Morn­ing (KQED):

The brain net­work that con­trols mul­ti­task­ing con­nects with net­works that con­trol mem­ory and atten­tion span. So by play­ing the game, some sci­en­tists believe you can improve cog­ni­tive skills, and by exten­sion, relieve a range of symp­toms asso­ci­ated with Read the rest of this entry »

Why the quantified self requires both tech tools and smart brains



Tech tools to mea­sure per­for­mance can fall short (Finan­cial Times):

Ben­jamin Franklin could be con­sid­ered a pio­neer of the mod­ern “quan­ti­fied self” approach to per­sonal improve­ment. In the late 18th cen­tury, he famously used a chart to mon­i­tor his behav­iour, includ­ing Read the rest of this entry »

Brain training can work when properly targeted…as in this new vision study


Focus­ing the brain on bet­ter vision (The New York Times):

As adults age, vision dete­ri­o­rates. One com­mon type of decline is in con­trast sen­si­tiv­ity, the abil­ity to dis­tin­guish gra­da­tions of light to dark, mak­ing it pos­si­ble to dis­cern where one object ends and another begins.

But new research sug­gests that con­trast sen­si­tiv­ity can be improved with brain-training exer­cises Read the rest of this entry »

Brain health, and concussions, start to receive due attention



Invest­ing in brain health (CNBC):

No more than 10 years ago, I played for a league where I felt the pres­sures both inter­nally and exter­nally to return to the field and keep play­ing no mat­ter what. The words “con­cus­sion” and “TBI” (trau­matic brain injury) were not fre­quently used Read the rest of this entry »

New online course: How to Nav­i­gate Con­ven­tional and Com­ple­men­tary ADHD Treat­ments for Healthy Brain Development

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