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Pervasive Neurotechnology: The Digital Revolution Meets the Human Brain

Great webi­nar yes­ter­day, dis­cussing some of the main find­ings in our new Per­va­sive Neu­rotech report, and illus­trat­ing emerg­ing tech & mar­ket sig­nals via patents held by Nielsen, Advanced Neu­ro­mod­u­la­tion Sys­tems (St Jude Med­ical), Medtronic, Microsoft and Brain­lab. Read the rest of this entry »

IBM ranked #14 Holder of Pervasive Neurotech Intellectual Property*

ibm logoInter­na­tional Busi­ness Machines (IBM) is a multi­na­tional tech­nol­ogy com­pany and con­sul­tancy. Their prod­uct areas range from com­puter hard­ware and soft­ware to infra­struc­ture, host­ing, main­frame, and a range of ser­vices. Read the rest of this entry »

Update: Latest thinking and neuro-tools to promote lifelong brain health



Time for Sharp­Brains’ June e-newsletter, wrap­ping up this month’s key news and insights around brain health innovation.

New think­ing to pro­mote life­long brain health

Emerg­ing non-invasive neurotechnologies


Have a great, and sharp, month of July!

Registration is now closed @ Pervasive Neurotech Webinar, where the Digital Revolution meets the Human Brain

Pervasive Neurotechnology Infographic 430wide


Heads-up: Reg­is­tra­tion just closed for our webi­nar on how the Dig­i­tal Rev­o­lu­tion is meet­ing the Human Brain, build­ing on the new report Per­va­sive Neu­rotech­nol­ogy: A Ground­break­ing Analy­sis of 10,000+ Patent Fil­ings Trans­form­ing Med­i­cine, Health, Enter­tain­ment and Busi­ness.

–> To learn more about the webi­nar and report, click HERE. Reg­is­tered par­tic­i­pants so far include inno­va­tors at IBM, Medtronic, Sam­sung, CNS Response, UCSF, Stan­ford, Intel­lec­tual Ven­tures, Neu­ro­verse, Brain Resource, AARP, and more!

Lumos Labs ranked #13 Holder of Pervasive Neurotech Intellectual Property*

lumosity labsLumos Labs pro­duces the pop­u­lar brain train­ing web and mobile app named Lumos­ity. With 60 mil­lion reg­is­tered users, Lumos­ity is the world’s largest cog­ni­tive train­ing ser­vice. To date, Lumos Labs has raised over $70M in fund­ing, and the com­pany sig­nif­i­cantly expanded its IP port­fo­lio in 2014 through Read the rest of this entry »

El negocio del cerebro, al alza…también en español



El nego­cio del cere­bro, al alza (Diario Público):

Fer­nán­dez está firme­mente con­ven­cido del poten­cial que tiene el mer­cado de la neu­rotec­nología, aunque no se le escapa que todavía existe mucho ruido mediático al respecto. No es el único, puesto que Read the rest of this entry »

NeuroSky ranked #12 Holder of Pervasive Neurotech Intellectual Property*

neuro sky logoNeu­roSky is a ten-year-old pri­vate com­pany focused on biosen­sor inno­va­tion. Their pri­mary prod­ucts are EEG sen­sors (for the mind) and ECG sen­sors (for the body). Though Neu­roSky does have its own pro­pri­etary head­set, Mind­Wave, for use in com­puter appli­ca­tions and gam­ing, its ThinkGear EEG tech­nol­ogy Read the rest of this entry »

New market report on Pervasive Neurotechnology & Intellectual Property

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