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Quick brain teasers to test your cognitive skills…and biases


If you’re look­ing for some stim­u­lat­ing, quick men­tal exer­cise, try these Brain Teasers To Test Your Cog­ni­tive Skills…And Your Cog­ni­tive Biases over at The Cre­ativ­ity Post.

Once you’re done, you may want to enjoy with these visual brain teasers, and also visit our brain twisters and brain games sec­tion, with plenty of fun (and free) mind games for teens, adults and seniors. Have a nice weekend!

January Update: The Federal Trade Commission orders Focus Education to stop making unsubstantiated brain training claims


Time for Sharp­Brains’ Jan­u­ary e-newsletter, fea­tur­ing a wealth of brain health insights, neu­ro­science research reports, a land­mark action by the Fed­eral Trade Commission…and some quick brain teasers. Enjoy!

New research:

New think­ing:

New tools:

Finally, when you have a few min­utes you may want to try these quick brain teasers to test your cog­ni­tive skills…and your cog­ni­tive biases.

Have a great month of February!

New book on neuroplasticity by Norman Doidge: The Brain’s Way of Healing

Brain's Way of Healing by Norman DoidgeRewired: Learn­ing to tame a noisy brain. (Or, how you can use the power of neu­ro­plas­tic­ity) (The Globe and Mail):

His first book pop­u­lar­ized the idea that the brain is actu­ally a dynamic, adap­tive organ with incred­i­ble poten­tial to change. Now, Dr. Nor­man Doidge is shar­ing incred­i­ble sto­ries of recov­ery from the sci-fi-like fron­tier of energy-based therapies…

It was Doidge, a psy­chi­a­trist and fac­ulty mem­ber of both the Uni­ver­sity of Toronto and Colum­bia University’s Cen­ter for Psy­cho­an­a­lytic Train­ing and Research, who intro­duced the lay reader to the rev­o­lu­tion­ary idea that the brain Read the rest of this entry »

Study: To help children with ADHD improve academic performance, combine medication AND behavioral treatment

Students academic performance.

Aca­d­e­mic prob­lems are extremely com­mon in chil­dren with ADHD and often the issue that leads to refer­ral for an ADHD eval­u­a­tion. Unfor­tu­nately, the sig­nif­i­cant aca­d­e­mic strug­gles that many chil­dren with ADHD expe­ri­ence can under­mine their long-term suc­cess in areas that extend far beyond for­mal schooling.

Given these facts, an impor­tant ques­tion is whether long-term aca­d­e­mic func­tion­ing in youth with ADHD improves with treat­ment? Because this is such a fun­da­men­tally impor­tant ques­tion, and Read the rest of this entry »

Trend: Mobile apps to improve vision via perceptual learning

vision in the human brain


Vision train­ing: Mobile app improved pilots’ vision (Air­craft Own­ers and Pilots Association):

Mil­i­tary pilots (and other test sub­jects) have improved their vision after a few weeks of train­ing with a new appli­ca­tion for mobile devices—an appli­ca­tion now avail­able to the public.

The tech­nol­ogy has helped ded­i­cated users reverse age-related vision loss, and to help younger Read the rest of this entry »

Brain health research study by AARP: Consumers pursue brain training to support a more enjoyable, self-managed life


AARP just released a very inter­est­ing brain health research study based on 1,200 online inter­views con­ducted in August 2014. Key find­ings include:

  • Main­tain­ing a healthy lifestyle is impor­tant to all con­sumers (99% find it at least some­what impor­tant). Brain health is the sec­ond most impor­tant com­po­nent in main­tain­ing a healthy lifestyle, after heart health (37% find brain health most impor­tant while 51% find heart health most impor­tant). Younger con­sumers Read the rest of this entry »

The Federal Trade Commission orders Focus Education to stop making unsubstantiated brain training claims


Mak­ers of Jun­gle Rangers Com­puter Game for Kids Set­tle FTC Charges that They Deceived Con­sumers with Base­less “Brain Train­ing” Claims (Fed­eral Trade Commission):

A Texas com­pany and its offi­cers must stop mak­ing unsub­stan­ti­ated claims that their com­puter game, Jun­gle Rangers, per­ma­nently improves children’s focus, mem­ory, atten­tion, behav­ior, and school per­for­mance, includ­ing for chil­dren with atten­tion deficit hyper­ac­tiv­ity dis­or­der (ADHD), under a Fed­eral Trade Com­mis­sion set­tle­ment Read the rest of this entry »

May 2015 Online Course: How to Nav­i­gate Con­ven­tional and Com­ple­men­tary ADHD Treat­ments for Healthy Brain Development

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