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Grand Rounds: Best of Health and Medical Blogging

Welcome to a new edition of Grand Rounds blog carnival, the weekly edition of what’s best in the health and medical blogosphere. This week, twenty four bloggers share data, insights, questions, reflections and more. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »

Grand Rounds: 22 Health and Medicine Questions and Answers

Welcome to Grand Rounds, the weekly col­lec­tion of best health and med­ical blog posts. This week we invite you to enjoy a broad range of insights, tips, and first-hand stories, presented as a Q&A conversation with bloggers willing to answer, below, a total of 22 good questions.

On Health and Medicine

  1. What can one-word prescriptions deliver
  2. How does food processing change food´s nutritional value
  3. Can diet Increases Risk of ADHD
  4. Is alcoholism an illness
  5. What´s better: steady dete­ri­o­ra­tion over 10 years, or symp­tom-free life for 9 years fol­lowed by rapid dete­ri­o­ra­tion in year 10

On Patient Life

  1. As we talk about wellness…what about developing self-compassion
  2. Can patients with chronic pain still live a full life
  3. What is the patient-doctor etiquette for using Facebook and Twitter
  4. Should patients in an ideal world contract directly with their doctors
  5. What are patient advocates focusing on these days

On Health Care professionals Read the rest of this entry »

Blog Carnivals

Here you have a few good recent blog carnivals (collections of selected blog posts around specific topics)

Tangled Bank: science-related posts across a variety of disciplines.

– 2 editions of the Carnival of Education: this week and last one.

HR carnival: because “human resources” have brains, too.

Medicine 2.0: how web 2.0 can enhance the practice of medicine.

Change of Shift: nursing topics.

Gene Genie: human genetics.

Grand Rounds: Briefing the Next US President

Dear Mr or Mrs Next US President,

Thank you for visiting Grand Rounds, the weekly collection of the best health and medical blog posts, in the midst of your very busy schedule.

Street Musicians in NYCThe health and medical blogosphere would like to make sure you and your team take into account the issues outlined below as you and your aids formulate your policies and put together the team that will further define and implement them.

Without further ado, let me outline these 40 questions and topics.

Dear Mr or Mrs Next US President, Read the rest of this entry »

Brain Fitness and Exercise in Japan

Fun article in the Washington Post: Aging Japanese Keep Their Minds Moving

  • “part of a broad range of mental acuity products that are all the rage in Japan: books, toys, food and other things, sold with the pledge that they can reenergize aging brains.”
  • “Analysts said the current brain-training trend began in 2004 and 2005 when video games such as Sega Toys Co.’s Brain Trainer and Nintendo Co.’s Brain Age became smash hits. Since its launch, Brain Age for Nintendo’s DS console has sold 6.7 million copies around the world, including 3.4 million in Japan.”

We were fortunate to interview a Japanese expert on this trend a few months ago. In Brain Training and “Brain-ism” in Japan, we can learn a lot, such as

  • “To see the activities inside the brain was fresh for people, but the methodology and logic was not reviewed by any scientific publication. It was published by Read the rest of this entry »

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