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Grand Rounds: 22 Health and Medicine Questions and Answers

Welcome to Grand Rounds, the weekly col­lec­tion of best health and med­ical blog posts. This week we invite you to enjoy a broad range of insights, tips, and first-hand stories, presented as a Q&A conversation with bloggers willing to answer, below, a total of 22 good questions.

On Health and Medicine

  1. What can one-word prescriptions deliver
  2. How does food processing change food´s nutritional value
  3. Can diet Increases Risk of ADHD
  4. Is alcoholism an illness
  5. What´s better: steady dete­ri­o­ra­tion over 10 years, or symp­tom-free life for 9 years fol­lowed by rapid dete­ri­o­ra­tion in year 10

On Patient Life

  1. As we talk about wellness…what about developing self-compassion
  2. Can patients with chronic pain still live a full life
  3. What is the patient-doctor etiquette for using Facebook and Twitter
  4. Should patients in an ideal world contract directly with their doctors
  5. What are patient advocates focusing on these days

On Health Care professionals

  1. What are the professions most dependent on coffee
  2. Is there a social responsibility for health care workers to get influenza vaccination
  3. What can go wrong when first year medical students are thrown into a clinical setting
  4. What it’s like to be a internal medicine resident working at a VA hospital
  5. Are medical abbreviations ready for a Googling society
  6. What is the role of human interaction in the age of evidence-based medicine

On the Heath Care System

  1. Why are Medicare hospital readmissions so high – and why that´s a troubling indicator
  2. How do upcoming Medicare changes impact end-of-life care
  3. Will Regional Extension Centers accelerate adoption of Electronic Health Records
  4. Will Mobile health monitoring devices deliver on their promise to improve care at lower costs
  5. Will brain surgery include removing brain tumors through patients’ eye sockets (ouch)
  6. How will brain research impact medicine and mental health care

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Next Grand Rounds edition will be hosted on Tuesday October 12th at e-patients.

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7 Responses

  1. Drcharles says:

    A succinct and well-organized collection! Thanks for your efforts.

  2. hgstern says:

    Well done – Thanks so much for hosting, and for including our post!

  3. Great line up of the best in the blogosphere. Congratulations on a great grand rounds.

  4. Many thanks. So concise and well organised.

  5. Making the complex and messy become succinct and well-organized is what i guess we do for a living…glad you enjoy it! Thank you all for your contributions

  6. Michelle W says:

    Loved the pictures, and thanks for including our post.

  7. what a neat way to organize & present Grand Rounds! Super cool!

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