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Enjoy the Latest Insights on Neuroplasticity and Brain Health in Celebration of Brain Awareness Week 2013

Neuroplasticity and Brain Health Talks


How will you be celebrating Brain Awareness Week next week (March 11th-17th , 2013)?

Here’s a suggestion: you can start watching, at a special 95% pricing discount, more than 25 hours of exclusive presentations from over 40 leading minds as they discuss the latest on applied neuroplasticity and brain health.  These presentations, which took place during the 2012 SharpBrains Virtual Summit, shed light on some of the most important priorities for brain health today and in the future: Read the rest of this entry »

Invest in Brain Health to Drive Innovation and Prosperity

In an increasingly knowledge-based and innovation-driven economy, human brains—not financial capital—are becoming the primary drivers of business success. Engaged, creative citizens and workers mean the difference between success and failure at the organizational and societal levels.

Looking at the problem from the perspective of brain health, there are Read the rest of this entry »

Update: Can We Shape Our Brains? Does It Matter?

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Time for Sharp­Brains’ April 2012 eNewslet­ter, fea­tur­ing new  per­spec­tives and research on how, and why, we can think about shaping our brains for better lifelong health and functioning.

Fea­tured Perspectives:

New Research & Resources:

SharpBrains News:


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Have a great month of May!

Protect Your Asset by Being Your Own Brain Fitness Coach

Last week I had the good fortune of spending four days in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, with over 300 amazing individuals from 40+ countries who had been named Young Global Leaders by the World Economic Forum. The summit agenda was insightful and inspiring, conversations with other participants always proved to be eye-opening and stimulating, and the overall atmosphere was constructive. You can read more about some of those conversations here.

What I’d like to highlight in this article is the remarkable (and optional) activity that started off every day at 7 in the morning. Called “Protect Your Asset” Read the rest of this entry »

Top 40 Brain Fitness & Training Questions/ Course Registration Ends this Sunday

Let us share below a list of 40 common brain fitness, brain health, brain training questions that we will make sure to address during the upcoming online course, How to Be Your Own Brain Fitness Coach in 2012 (starts March 7th). The questions are sequenced by their approximate order of appearance in the syllabus. We look forward to an engaging, interactive and valuable experience! ***Please remember that course registration ends on Sunday, March 4th.***

Top 40 Brain Fitness & Training Questions

  1. How can one define brain fitness
  2. What is link between stress, focus and memory
  3. Does “brain age” even exist
  4. How to enhance overall mental productivity, vs just IQ
  5. Is there some “ceiling” to my improvement or can I always try more things
  6. How brain functions evolve with age. What improves, what declines, what should I be paying attention to Read the rest of this entry »

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